Sir John Borlase Warren ( Canning Circus, Nottingham)


(UK Paranormal)
Samantha Marriott
Louise Marriott
Ray Matthews
Scott Badger
Philip Dobson

Stuart Martyn (EMGIG)

2 x Digital Video Camera
with nightvision
1 Digital Video Camera
4 x Digital Still Cameras
35mm Still Cameras
5 x Dictaphones
1 x Minidisc Recorder
EMF Meter
Trigger object -
medieval bottle found in caves

Visited  21 February 2004

Arrival time : 11:30pm

Start time: 11:45

We arrived at the location about 11.30 and proceeded to decide on what we were going to do for the night. After the discussion, both Sam and Ray did a quick walk around the cellars to take control shots and to decide on where we could set up experiments.
At this time Sam reported seeing something in the darkness, and that was something that would be reported quite often during the night.

1st experiment - 12:00pm - 1:30am

Once we had finished we spent a little time searching for power points and then we all ventured down to the cellars to set up the first set of experiments. We decided on three controls using the broken bottles from the location (we thought that perhaps using stuff that had been there for a long time would be better than bringing in unrecognisable items.)

We ran these experiments in three separate areas of the cellars, one up the iron ladder into the top cellar, and the other two in the lower rooms. We ran the experiment for fifty minutes and upon returning we did not notice any movement.

(The main cave is 30 feet long - the entrance into it is off a small corridor from the first cave - from this cave there is a metal ladder leading up the another room).

1:30am - 2:00am -
We started our second series of experiments for the night, consisting of three Q&A sessions taking place in the main areas of the cellar setting dictaphones throughout the caves. During the first session we noticed a faint glowing from the middle of the cellar, but we attributed this to the light from the top of the stairs. We did, however, notice movement again in the darkness and Dobbo got the impression of the name 'Jo'.

After this session had come to an end we moved to the other end of the cave where the movement had been seen. During setting up we caught an interesting EVP)

2:00am - 3:00am -
We sat three on either side and then Scotty started to read the questions out. He was using a pen with a blue light inside that gave just enough light to read by and also threw a faint light around the entire area. After he had reached the sixth question Ray happened to glance over to the doorway (an arch), and saw a small dark figure leaning around the corner and looking at us. It stood no taller than 3.5 to 4 feet high, and the head seemed overly large compared to the body. It was leaning into the cellar with one hand on the stone as if to steady itself.
After seeing it, it darted back from sight and Ray immediately asked if anyone else had seen it. They all reported that they had not, so both Ray and Scotty raced off to make sure there was no one around. They came back and reported that there was no way anyone could have come down and back up the stairs unheard and there was no one hiding in the cellars anywhere.

Ray - " I cannot explain why, but this figure made me extremely nervous, and yet I have never felt that way with any other encounter I have had (Even the events of the first Ram vigil never made me feel this unnerved.)"

We went back upstairs to the bar for a break and whilst up there the entire team heard a loud sound from the main bar area. Best described as glasses sliding in one of the plastic crates used to stack glasses. A quick check revealed that none of the trays had moved.

After we settled back down, we decided to ask questions specifically at this entity to see if we could get a result, and we also asked if it was the 'Jo' that Dobbo had picked up on.
We also tried to recreate the whole event to see if it would return, but it was not seen again. I cannot say that it was definite because no one else saw it, but I am positive it was there, and it was as real as you or I. It was a very strange experience.

Once we finished here, we moved on to separate silent vigils with three groups of two. Dobbo and Scotty remained where the apparition was seen. Sam and Stuart (a guest from Emgig) climbed the ladder into the upper room and Lou and myself ventured into another tunnel that we had as yet left unused.

There was nothing to report during these vigils so we called it a night and ended the investigation.



 - A mysterious mist or condensation
on the lense?

- Orbs. Most likely dust & moisture.

 - Trigger object set up in caves.

 - An artist rendition of the figure
seen in the doorway.

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