Unexplained series of events at Marshgate Drive, Herts.

This is a true account of an experience I have shared with my best friend. Before this happened to me I was a total sceptic, my friend on the other hand always had spiritual guidance since her mother's tragic suicide 13 years ago.

Myself, my ex and 2 other friends rented this property between 2000 - 2001. The house is a 3 floor Georgian end-of-terrace townhouse leading on to a light industrial estate and some marshes near the historic county town of Hertford. They apparently used to be workers cottages.

The people that lived there with me worked different shifts and therefore spent time alone seperately in this house. All had individually reported to me of feeling suddenly very cold in the lounge and all heard someone walking up or down the two staircases we had when they were definately ALONE. One of the staircaseslead from the kitchen (ground floor) up to the lounge and the other leading from the front door up to the master bedroom. Myself and my ex shared the master bedroom with en-suite. I always felt uneasy when I stood in the en-suite and looked in the mirror. I felt as if I was being watched. There was a strong presence in there and I always wanted the door kept closed when I was in the bedroom.

One night in particular, my best friend came over to stay with me that night and we shared the bed in the master bedroom. We layed in bed with the lights off for ages, still talking for a good hour about what had happened that evening and we eventually said goodnight and tried to get some sleep. Within a minute of her saying goodnight to me we both experienced auditory phenomena in the form of extreme heavy breathing or huffing coming towards us and getting louder. We both immediately turned the light on and sat up in bed. "What is that?" I asked her. She was transfixed on my eyes and mine on hers. We both had tears in our eyes, goosebumps and were both shaking all over. The noise moved from the wall in front of us (old fireplace) up to our faces then moved over to the right towards the en-suite toilet and disappeared. We ran downstairs, got into her car and left the house, too frightened to go back there that night.

I would love this house to be investigated, it's got history and definate resident spirits...

-- Dannii Cutmore