The Harlequin, Sheffied


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(UK Paranormal)


1 x Digital Video Cameras (night shot).
35mm Still Cameras.
2 x Digital Still Cameras.
2 x EMF Meter.
Digital thermometer with remote unit.
Multi flashes for all cameras.
4 x Dictaphones.
Walkie Talkies.
Lap Top with motion sensing software.

Date :-Saturday 25th 2006


The Team arrived at the venue at around 11.30pm and met up with the Landlady, we arranged to bring our equipment into the place via the barrel drop so not to alert anyone to our presence and promptly set up a control room within barrel drop room, this was chosen because of the alleged significance to spirit activity in and around this room, where better to be placed!

The Barrel drop room has had a room blocked off for some years and although we do not know what is behind the bricked up area, we can speculate to it being a larger room covering a large percentage of the overall area in the cellar.

There were two other rooms in the cellar complex, an even larger longer barrel room and a storage room.

The storage room was kitted out with motion activating camera and sound laptop equipment and closed for the duration of the night.

The longer barrel room was to be the first area for a silent vigil and EVP session, recorded via a night vision camera and minidisk recorder.

The stairwell into the cellar was covered by a remote wireless camera, with pictures recorded in the control barrel drop room.

The long barrel room vigil.

The investigators took their places and a night vision camera and minidisk recorder switched on, after around 5 minutes of silence the EVP started, various questions were asked, we then left the recording devices running and left the room. After reviewing the playback nothing was picked up on either the camera or the minidisk.


Upstairs main bar area vigil.

Several pictures were taken and the light turned off for a silent vigil in this area. The area that I sat in was said to be active in the fact a sensitive had sat in the same place and she had felt very ill and had to leave, not one to miss out on a bit of spirit activity I choose to stay here the rest of the night but unfortunately it seems the spirits didn’t want to come out on the night, by 4.30/5.00am the investigation team decided to call it a night or morning so to speak. I slept for a few hours in the active area and as far I was concerned nothing had happened all night/morning, this was until when returning home I noticed that my upper arm was marked with what could by described as scratches, I never felt anything on the night but this does get reported throughout the paranormal world as a phenomenon. My logical mind could say maybe a slept funny on the arm and the marks are an impression from my jumper I was wearing on the night, but in the several years of doing investigations I’ve never come away with anything more than a need for sleep.



The Harlequin Pub is a wonderful place, a place where it’s history has been lost over the years and maybe that’s how the spirit occupants want it to stay, but on the night I did get the underlying feeling that someone or something wanted to be contacted but couldn’t. For the moment The Harlequin Pub will remain an interest for UKP and it will be visited again on a regular basis, if there is something inside that wants to make contact then UKP will be there to listen.





Long Barrel Room

Barrel Drop Room


Bar Area