Electronic Voice Phenomena. Capturing voices of the dead on tape or other recording media.

In this section we are going to document an on going project looking at EVP. The idea is carry out EVP Question and Answer as often as time allows, using a standard set of questions, to see if we can gain any reasonable answers.

We will use a standard set of questions and text in the hope that we can gain some straight answers to straight questions. The questions are listed below.

Hello, I'm here to try and listen to your voices. I probably wont be able to hear you, but this small machine may hear you and make a record of your voice for me to listen to later.
I ask anyone who is here in this room who wishes to make contact to try and make themselves heard, please speak as loudly as you can and direct your voice towards this machine.
I am here only to learn more about you and would like to ask you some questions, if you can answer them for me I would be most grateful.

1. Can you start by telling me your name?

2. Can you tell me your family name?

3. What is the year?

4. Who is the king or Queen?

5. Can you tell me the country we are in?

6. Can you tell me the town we are in?

7. How did you make a living?

8. Are you alone here?

9. Do you stay here all the time?

10. Are you married?

11. What is your husbands or wife's name?

12. Do you have children?

13. Can you tell me what this building is used for?

Thank you for answering those questions. Now if I may I would like to ask some more personal ones. Please do your best to understand that I am not here to cause you any trouble and answer as best you can.

14. Do you have a message for me?

15. Do you believe that you are dead?

16. How did you die?

17. Are there certain people that can see and speak to you?

18. How long did it take you to accept your death?

19. Were you able to talk with us straight away?

20. Have you learnt new things?

21. Is there anything you would to tell us?

22. Finally, can you make a noise for me by tapping or knocking something

Thank you for speaking to me.

I will be here again tomorrow and would like to speak with you again.

Of course if we do start to gain any answers extra questions will be added as deemed appropriate.

To begin with we will not be using any white noise. It may be used in further sessions to see if any difference in results gained.

We will be using both analogue and digital Dictaphones, other recorders may be used later again to make comparisons.

All sessions will be documented and any results will be shown and available for download so you can listen and make up your own mind.

Session 1.

This session was started in the bedroom of my home but aborted due to due outside noise. No viable results were obtained

Session 2.

Several possible answers here. Most are ambiguous at best and are only shown as possibles.

Session 3.

Only one possible this time, again very ambiguous answer, if it is an answer at all. Have a listen and tell us what you think.

Session 4.
(Digital Voice Recorder used for the first time.)

No results were gained during this session. However a knock was heard about 15 seconds after asking question 22. When asked to repeat the knock, there was no response

Session 5.

Recorded on digital only and with a white noise back ground.

1 possible result. this is the clearest so far, although still very faint and difficult to decipher.