The Bell Inn ( Angel Row, Nottingham)
1st Investigation - April 14,2005


See the report of theRecce for the research.

(UK Paranormal)
Mike Driscoll
Wendy Driscoll
Samantha Marriott
Louise Marriott
Scott Badger
Philip Dobson


Dave Wood
Nicky Sewell
Ian Holden
Hilary Holden
Timmy Joe Page

2 x Digital Video Camera
with nightvision
1 Digital Video Camera
4 x Digital Still Cameras
35mm Still Cameras
5 x Dictaphones
1 x Minidisc Recorder
EMF Meter
Trigger object -
Rosary beads, cross

Arrival time : 11:30pm

Start time: midnight

This was to be the first of our overnight stays for the full team. We were joined, on this occasion by members of Swindon-based Paranormal Site Investigators. This report will be fairly short as not much of any real significance occurred. I will just provide you with a basic outline of the nightís events.
As the place had already been covered by another team (and been found to be clear) we had already pretty much decided to concentrate mainly on the sub-cellars and caves below the main cellars.
One small point here, upon arriving we were shown into a small room at the front of the building on the first floor, over-looking the main street outside. This room holds the oldest beam and wooden joint in Nottingham, (allegedly), and is the only room in the building that has death recorded in it. When told of this fact Mike said he believed the man had died of a heart attack and gave a name. The name was completely wrong, but the death did occur due to a heart attack, Mike put that down to a lucky guess, as heart attacks are not uncommon.

Right. On to the investigation.

Not much to report really. We separated into two teams and spread out around the pub and extensive cellars, with people in the restaurant, kitchens and cellars. And, well, not much of anything happened anywhere really. A few odd feelings, the odd noise, and thatís about the sum total of the events of our first vigil at the Bell. One thing became clear though, sound really travels well down in the sub cellars. During a few attempts at EVP sessions we could all hear the voices of the second team who were working at the other end of the complex. The upshot of this is that we have to exclude any results from these experiments as highly suspect and inadmissible as evidence of any kind.

The only thing of note was a digital camera switching itself off half way through an EVP session in the room on the 2nd level. Thinking it was the battery, or film ending it was left off until we moved up to the next level. Switching it back on the film still had 35 minutes left and the battery was still 3/4 full. (Interesting to note that this was the same room that the camera turned itself off during the recce with the trigger)
The teams reformed in The Crown Post Room over the front door to compare notes and decide what to do next. After a quick consultation it was thought best to try a few means of spirit communication. Again we split into two teams and went our own separate ways. One team remained upstairs in the restaurant to have a go at glass spinning, and the second went downstairs to a small side bar to try a more conventional sťance.

The glass spinning was started and concluded with no activity whatsoever. Indeed it was felt by all to be a complete waste of time in this instance so the group went downstairs to join the other team conducting the sťance in the side bar. It was here that the only interesting thing of the night was to happen. Scotty had already opened the sťance in the usual way by the time team 2 arrived and was busy settling the participants into cycling the needed energy. Before starting he had placed a lit candle in the centre of the circle, this would prove significant later on.

Once everyone was nice and relaxed and Scotty was happy with everything he started with all the standard questions, but without much in reply. At this point it was suggested that any spirit present could try to move the candle flame. Almost immediately the flame bent over as if it was being blown. Scotty then asked if the spirit could blow the flame in a different direction. After a moment or two the candle did indeed bend a different way! This lasted for a few minutes and eventually stopped as suddenly as it started. Pretty soon after this the sťance was wrapped up and the night drawn to a close.

We have to agree with the previous investigators that the pub is empty of any spiritual presence, at least any that wants to be seen or noticed. The candle sťance is interesting, but far from conclusive as that particular part of the bar is favoured by regulars, on hot days, for the constant breeze. Anything could have caused the flame to move the way it did and it is probably coincidence that it moved both times when asked to do so. We remain open on this one and are eager to try this form of sťance again at other venues. UK Paranormal felt the extensive sub cellar system warranted a further visit so we decided to return and concentrate on them at a later date.

You can visit the Bell Inn's website at The Bell Inn - circa 1437 or, better still go to the pub and do the 'Cave Tour'.

Candle - this is a large file - 29MG


SEE Investigation 2 FOR PICTURES

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