"This weekend (photo taken 23.11.03) my wife and I, who both take a passing interest in the paranormal,
went on a trip to Amsterdam and went to the Anne Frank museum. Whilst we were there we took a photo of the
memorial statue with our digital camera (see attached) and upon returning to the uk and reviewing the
pictures noticed the anomaly on the left of the statue. We know for certain that there was nothing to be
seen when taking the photo and nothing that could give a reflection from the flash. Also we both had strong
emotional feelings at the time empathic with the Anne Frank story, although we put this down to the effect of
the museum and the tragic story."

We think it could be caused by a raindrop or moisture in the air.
this is a classic water droplet orb, its tail that makes it look as though
it is travelling across the picture. In our experience water gives this effect
even when it is failing downwards.