Super Market Ghost
by John Wainwright

When I was sixteen, my first job was in a small supermarket which had a warehouse at the back. One morning I was waiting in the warehouse for a delivery to arrive. I was chatting to the warehouseman, Colin, whilst we waited. As I looked from the door down the main aisle of the warehouse, I saw a figure walk towards me, then turn left down one of the side aisles. It looked like one of those old photographs when one of the subjects moves and the image becomes blurred, but it was a man in a kneelength grey overall and black trousers. I asked Colin who it was. He said there was no-one there except us two, and immediately ran to catch whoever it was. The aisle the figure had gone down was a dead end, and after searching the place thoroughly we found no-one. When I described the man to Colin he immediately said it sounded like the man who ran the warehouse before him, a man named Walter who had died after having a heart attack caused by working so long and hard at his job. The story soon got around the shop. and I took a lot of ribbing about it.