Everything started just after my daughter was born 24th july 1994.

The creaking of floorboards upstairs, the sound of footsteps walking around upstairs and the feeling of not being alone.

I moved to three different houses after that but the same things kept on happening.

It was when I moved to my last home in Wigan that things started to get worse.
At first it was the sound of someone/thing upstairs, then objects were thrown about. The thing that frightened me the most is that my daughter who was 6yrs old and my son who was 2yrs old were afraid to go upstairs alone. I had to put the lights on if they went up even in daylight, but usually I would have to go up with them. They wouldn't sleep in thier own rooms at night, they always got in with me as they couldn't sleep. My son would say that there was a naughty man that kept talking to him and that he was afraid of him. My daughter said that she knows there is someone else in the house but she didn't want to talk about it.

My mother bought me a new television set, which I was watching one night when all of a sudden it exploded for no apparent reason. The house was always icy cold, even with the heating on. You could see your breath it was that cold.

My mother came to stay sometimes, one night she was asleep when her soap bag crashed to the floor as she opened her eyes the bed room door shut to, she came downstairs and I asked her what had happened but she couldn't explain it.
I have had a feeling of icy cold fingers run across my face, but I put it down to the temperature in the room. I have a mastiff dog and a cat, they have both been left like shivering wrecks when the feeling of the presence was in the room. As I told you earlier I was so desperate that I asked the local vicar to do a blessing on the house which he did, he blessed all the rooms, and for a few days everything seemed o.k. the temperature was fine and everything was quiet then things went back to the way they were before. After that I just put up with it.
I moved to the Orkney Islands with my children and my mother a few weeks ago, it is a beautiful place, I take my dog to the beach every day for a walk, the other day I was just sat watching the sea when I heard voices as if they were coming out of the water, it wasn't frightening, but a very peacfull sound, it was a low humming sound. On the other hand my mother is finding it difficult to get any sleep, she has the same feelings that I had that she is not alone, and she can hear people whispering when there is no-one there. She is afraid to close her eyes ,because if she does she thinks that someone or something will be stood there.
When my mum was a child ,herself and her sister had a quaker spirit in thier house for years which they saw for many years.