This is a brief history of the goings on at my home.

The house is an end terraced 2 bedroom council house. Downstairs the rooms consist of a living room, kitchen and small hallway. The hallway connects directly to the living room and kitchen, and there used to be a doorway between the kitchen and living room (now bricked up), so it would have been possible to walk through all the rooms in a circle. The upstairs consists of 2 bedrooms and a combined bathroom and toilet and a small connecting landing. There is and airing cupboard on the landing and a built in closet in the main (larger of the 2) bedroom. The main bedroom is at the front of the house and the bathroom and second bedroom are at the rear. The built in closet in the main room is above the stair well. We are currently researching the history of the house but as yet have nothing to tell, apart from it is about 50 years old. Present occupants of the house are myself John (36) Jane (28) and Lucy (12) My wife Jane moved into the house in 1991 and has told me that she used to quite regularly see someone, or rather someone's shadow walk from the kitchen and down the hallway and then up the stairs. This would have been impossible at the time as the door between the kitchen and hallway was closed and blocked on the kitchen side by a twin tub washing machine. I moved in in 1998 and have had some experiences here myself, apart from the feeling that house is never empty, I have seen the bathroom taps turn themselves on and off without intervention from myself or others in the house. I have found the ceiling lights in the hallway (a three way spot light) with one of the lights pushed so hard into the ceiling that the surround (a circular piece of glass supported by two pieces of metal) was bent out of shape. I have also found on many occasions that the light bulbs in all rooms have been unscrewed just enough to stop them working. Another point which maybe unconnected is that light bulbs don't seem to last very long in the house and blow very often. One other episode involving light bulbs which I found very interesting and have no explanation for follows. The light in question is a table lamp and has a bayonet fitting for the bulb and not a screw fitting as many others in the house do. The lamp is at the rear of the living room and sits on top a stereo system and is close to my pc. The lamp was switched on and the bulb burning properly when my step daughter Lucy brought her mum a cup of coffee. Jane was on the pc so Lucy had to lean over the stereo and past the lamp to place the coffee on the window cill, as she leant over she very lightly brushed the lampshade. At this point the bulb came free of its fitting and fell onto the stereo. To remove this bulb you have to exert downwards pressure and turn it anti clockwise about a quarter turn, so it is very unlikely that just touching the shade could cause the bulb to "jump" from its socket. I witnessed the whole event from start to finish and would swear on a stack of bibles that there was no way this could have happened without a psychical cause. On most nights when myself and my wife are in bed we can hear two voices coming from the living room. One male and one female, the voices are indistinct as we are hearing them through the floor of our bedroom and we can not make any words. I have on many occasions gone to investigate the voices only to have them stop as I leave the bedroom and have never found anyone in the living room. I will from this point describe a few of my personal experiences in the house. When in the house alone I will often take a bath and leave the bathroom door open so that I can hear music being played on the stereo. I lay in the bath so that the door is behind and slightly to the right of me, and on two separate occasions I have seen the shadow of someone pass by the door. The shadow is on the wall opposite the door in the bathroom and by the time I have turned to investigate has gone, and there has never been anyone present who could have caused the shadow. Also in the bathroom on occasions to numerous to count I have been using the toilet and watched as the cold water tap in the sink has started to run and then stopped again. I can not say whether the tap turns as although this has happened many times it still comes as a bit of a shock. My wife has also heard the taps in the bath come on and heard the shower fitting which fits over the taps being played with although she has never seen it happen. I have had a jacket go missing from the hall way which has never turned up again ( although more mundane reasons are more than possible for that one I admit), and several occasions have found small screws on the living room floor with no idea as to where they might have come from. Just recently the stereo has started to switch itself on, but not play any music (this could be cause by infra red interference as the stereo has a remote control). The above incidents are troublesome but not felt to be in anyway threatening or malicious. However there have been times when a presence has been felt in the house that was threatening! I'm afraid that I haven't any real dates to give you but to the best of my memory all these events have taken place at the end of February. And all have happened in the night when we have been in bed; in fact they all seem to be connected to the bedroom. On the first occasion that I can remember Jane and myself were in bed at about 1am when we started to hear noises in the room and the rest of the house, just footsteps and the sound of things being moved around. The noises seemed to be coming mainly from downstairs to such an extent that we both believed that we were being burgurled. This went on for several minutes until I was convinced that there was someone in house. We were both quite concerned at this time so I decide to arm myself with a Japanese sword that I have for decoration that happened to be in the bedroom (I'm brave huh?) After searching the house and finding no one about or anything moved or missing I returned to bed. The atmosphere in the house remained threatening, although I am willing to admit that this could well have been due the previous events upsetting us, so much so that we decided to spend the rest of the night downstairs. About a year later we were again in bed when we both had the feeling that something was in the room with us. It wasn't a pleasant sensation and we both agreed at the time that we felt threatened and very uncomfortable. Again we spent the night downstairs. At no time during this incident did we hear or see anything unusual. This year in late February Jane went to bed alone as I was on the PC, I can't remember what time. Some 20 or 30 minutes later she came back downstairs white as a sheet. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she had been lying in bed trying to sleep when she felt that she was no longer alone. She opened her eyes and looked around the room but could see no one there. At this point she noticed the room get darker than it already was ( the curtains were closed and the light off, outside in the street across from our house is a street light that shines in the window so the room is never completely dark, the light was working at the time.) As the room darkened she felt hands pushing her down onto the bed with some force and found that she could not move. She was also aware that she could not scream or indeed make any noise at all at this point she panicked and can't remember much else apart from the feeling that someone was trying to turn her head so that her face would have been pushed into the pillow. She has stated the attack felt both malicious and sexual in nature although no sexual contact was made that she can remember, and every time she managed to move a little she was forced back into the same position. She has also told me that when she was trying to scream her throat felt quite painful as if she had been screaming for a long period of time her throat was sore afterwards for some time. We returned to bed together about an hour later as she would not go alone. About ten minutes after turning the light out I became aware of us not being alone in the room and the room darkened considerably again. At this point I got out of bed and switched the light back on. We spent the rest of the night sleeping downstairs. This is to date the worst event that we experienced in the house. We have had several small occurrences such as light bulbs unscrewing them selves etc. but nothing else threatening. In July this year I decided to keep a small diary of events, here it is:

Sunday 14th July.

Whilst lying in bed and trying to get to sleep I was facing my wife with back facing to wards the door of the room something or someone touched my backside. The feeling can best be described as a ball rolling off the quilt. I could not have been my wife touching me as she was on the opposite side of the bed facing away from me. There was no one else in the room at the time. I did not feel threatened.

19th July 12:50 am.

Jane went into daughter's room to switch off the TV in there and felt a strong presence. I went up to check and can confirm that I also felt a presence. It appeared to behind at all times no matter where I went in the room. The presence did not feel threatening and was indeed comforting as though it was watching over Lucy.

19th July 1:00 am

I witnessed what could have been a cobweb in the living room above my fish tank and near the rear window, I mention this because it was moving quite rapidly an there were no draughts, shortly after wards I saw what can only be described as black dots about the size of a ten pence piece appear and disappear in rapid succession, about 7 in all. At this point I asked if anyone was in the room, and if so could they make themselves known. No reply.

20th July 9:40 pm

While all 3 of where sat downstairs watching the telly we all heard a tap in the bathroom start to run and then stop. Upon investigation it seemed to be the cold water tap in the sink, as there was evidence of water in the sink.

20th July 11:52 pm.

Jane told me she could feel someone blowing on her back, she had one of our dogs sat with her at the time, but the dog was at her front no where near her back. I could feel a very cold area around her. Jane said that was quite frightened by this and got up to move away from the spot, the coldness followed her around the room. Some time later I noticed a second cold spot had formed near me. I felt no fear just fascination as the cold spots tracked us around the room. The event lasted for nearly an hour.

27th July 1:06 am

I was upstairs in the bathroom using the toilet when something heavy hit the bath causing it bang very loudly and me to finish what I was doing and leave very quickly. I asked Jane if she had heard it and she said that she had but thought it was me on the stairs.

11th August 8:30 pm.

I was in the living room at the P.C. when a bad smell like an open rubbish bag became apparent for about 2 minutes. I took a photo with my dig cam but found nothing. Checked to see if I could locate the source of the smell and again found nothing.

11th August 10:00 pm.

The most astounding thing that has happened here happened tonight. I was in the bathroom again when I saw what appeared to be hand waving at me in front of the blinds that we have across the window. The hand was solid looking although it was like I was seeing through a heat haze. I forgot to write down the dates for this but we tried an experiment in the house. Here's what we did and what happened. I placed a coin on a piece of paper and drew around it then sprinkled talcum powder over it as well. I asked verbally if any spirits present could move the coin for us. I also wrote the same thing on the piece of paper. Two days later I could see that the coin had moved about 2mm! a week after the experiment started I was about to remove the coin as I felt a week was long enough when I noticed that the coin had moved about 10 mm in the opposite direction! I took some photos and then removed the coin. Well the house has been quiet for a couple of weeks now but I will let you all know of any future events and keep you posted. I have taken lots of pics in the house with my digital camera and caught orbs and some other things.

Monday 27th August 1am approx.

While sitting in the living room we heard a scraping sound as if something was being dragged across our wooden floor. After investigating I noticed that a piece of wood I keep in the room to prop up the lid of my fish tank (it's very heavy) had moved about 2 inches across the floor. Neither myself nor my wife saw it move but we both heard it. About 10 mins later I heard a loud bang from upstairs as if someone had hit the inside of the bath with a hammer, I investigated and found nothing.

Tuesday 28th August 3am precisely

I had been in bed for about 20 mins and unable to sleep when I heard a footfall in the room, it was very distinct. I glanced at the clock and was exactly 3 am. I became VERY nervous and left the room.