BBC 1 - Series 3


Main Cast

Bill Paterson ... Dr Douglas Monaghan
Dawn Steele ... Justine McManus
Iain Robertson ... Craig Stevenson

Production Credits

Stephen Garwood Producer
Barbara McKissack Executive Producer
David Kane Series Creator


Ed Whitmore (ep 1)
Niall Leonard (ep 2)
Paul Logue (ep 3)
Dusty Hughes (ep 4)
Sergio Casci (ep 5)
Chris Muarray (ep 6)


Diarmuid Lawrence (eps 1 & 4)
Brian Kelly (eps 2 & 3)
Pat Harkins (eps 5 & 6)


Stephen Lord Angus Jenson (Episode 1)
Frances Grey Caroline Jenson (Episode 1)
Duncan Bannatyne John Tudor (Episode 1)
Brian McCardie Chris Beale (Episode 1)
Clare Grogan Cathy (Episode 1)
Kari Corbett Kelly Tudor (Episode 1)

Jeff Rawle James Norman (Episode 2)
Lisa McAllister Isobel (Episode 2)
Jamie McPhee Harry (Episode 2)
Arthur Wilson Jason Evans (Episode 2)
Robbie McLellan Billy McManus (Episode 2)
Stuart Wilkinson Nick (Episode 2)

Jim Webster-Stewart Stuart Imrie (Episode 3)
Phoebe Thomas Chloe Marshall (Episode 3)
Elliot Jordan Josh (Episode 3)
Phyllis Logan Elaine Campbell (Episode 3)
Gilly Gilchrist The Guard (Episode 3)

Shauna McDonald Rosie Galt (Episode 4)
Ronald Pickup Alex Galt (Episode 4)
Mackay Crawford Irvine Galt (Episode 4)
Sheila Reid Aggie The Chambermaid (Episode 4)
Rae Hendrie Sheila (Episode 4)

Emma Campbell-Jones Sarah (Episode 5)
Lucy Griffiths Rebecca (Episode 5)
Jonathan Holt Paul Mason (Episode 5)

Paul McGann Christopher Chambers (Episode 6)
Kirsty Stuart Leah Goodall (Episode 6)
Ken Drury Ron Goodall (Episode 6)
Judith Sweeny Mary Goodall (Episode 6)
Peter Guinness Dr Philip Duncan (Episode 6)

Series 3 (2006) Synopsis
Do you believe? Critically acclaimed, BAFTA Scotland award-winning paranormal
drama Sea Of Souls is back for a third series this winter on BBC ONE and,
once again, in attempting to explain the inexplicable, the team make viewers
question the very world they’ve come to know... It’s a welcome return to Clyde
University’s Parapsychology department where the dedicated team – Dr Douglas Monaghan
(Bill Paterson) and his two researchers Justine McManus (Dawn Steele)
and Craig Stevenson (Iain Robertson) – are, once again, drawn into a world
of the strange and the supernatural, investigating deathly séances, powerful premonitions
vivid night terrors, sinister hauntings, demonic forces and macabre black magic. Over
six individual one-hour stories, Sea Of Souls confronts the dark, unanswered questions
which surround us all. Events that some find terrifying, the Sea Of Souls team find compelling and fascinating.


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