BBC 1 - Series 2


Main Cast

Bill Paterson ... Dr Douglas Monaghan
Dawn Steele ... Justine McManus
Iain Robertson ... Craig Stevenson

Production Credits

Stephen Garwood Producer
Barbara McKissack Executive Producer
Nadine Marsh Edwards Executive Producer
David Kane Series Creator


Ed Whitmore
Peter Jukes


Brian Kelley
Maurice Philips
Suri Krishnamma


Nigel Terry Professor Michael Holloway
Colin Salmon Peter Locke
James Fleet Findlay Morrison (Episode 1&2)
Michelle Duncan Claire Morrison (Episode 1&2)
Barbara Flynn Lt Colonel Petra Summers (Episodes 3&4
) Danny Midwinter Daniel Blakemore (Episodes 3&4)
John Hannah John Wade (Episode 5&6)

Series 2 Synopsis

Do you believe in poltergeists, deathly premonition and psychic healing? Or is the
paranormal merely make-believe? That's the question the Sea Of Souls team confront as they
return for a second series of spooky investigations into the strange and unexplained.
The new series revisits the fictional parapsychology unit at Glasgow's Clyde University
to fine respected department boss Dr Douglas Monaghan with two research assistants
- eager young research fellow Craig Stevenson and sympathetic PhD student Justine McManus.
In the first two-part story Monaghan is called to the home of businessman Findlay
Morrison and his wife carol who are convinced they have a poltergeist living under
their roof. However as the team struggles for answers, a happy family unit begins to
disintegrate in front of their eyes. Then there is the ominous tale of young soldier
Corporal Daniel Blakemore who is convinced he can forsee his own death. Can Monaghan
and the team stop his terrifying visions and what exactly is the medical 'treatment'
he's been receiving from army psychologist Lt Colonel Petra Summers? For the final story
in the paranormal trilogy, brooding new research associate Peter Locke joins the unit
to help investigate psychic John Wade who is attemtping to heal a dying child with the
power of the mind.After Wade asks for the child to be taken off her drug treatement, the
team are faced with a race against to to find out whether Wade's a con-artist or truly
gifted healer.


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