BBC 1 - Series 1


Main Cast

Bill Paterson ... Dr Douglas Monaghan
Archie Panjabi ... Megan Sharma
Peter McDonald ... Andrew Gemmill

Production Credits

Phil Collinson Producer
Nadine Marsh Edwards Executive Producer
David Kane Series Creator


Chris French


James Hawes (Episodes 1&2)
Nick Willing (Episodes 3&4)
Richard Laxton (Episodes 5&6)


Siobhan Redmond Carol Fleming/Helen Reid (Episodes 1&2)
Peter Capaldi Gordon Fleming (Episodes 1&2)
Michelle Collins Katie Quinn (Episodes 3&4)
Rakie Ayola Yemi Wande (Episode 5&6)

Series 1 Synopsis

One man's truth is another's hocus-pocus and that is where Dr Douglas Monaghan and his
team come in. They make up the fictional Parapsychology Unit at Glasgow's Clyde
University that is at the heart of Sea Of Souls, a fascinating and distrubing new
drama which looks at the power of the paranormal. From voodoo to cult rituals, past
life experiences to telepathic twins, the trio of bewitching storylines featured in
Sea Of Souls tap into the public's growing fascination with all things paranormal
as Douglas Monaghan's team of parapsychologists endeavour to explain the inexplicable


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