Private Residence(Swindon)


Due to the nature of this case i.e. a private residence we will keep all details to a minimum, therefor contact details etc.. must remain confidential.

(UK Paranormal)

Mike Driscoll.
Wendy Driscoll.
Ray Matthews.
Keryn Carter.

35 mm camera.
Digital camera x 2.
Digital video (night vision).
Analogue Video (night vision).
Dictaphone x 2.
EMF Meter.
Digital thermometer with remote units

Overcast with light drizzle and a moderate wind.


We arrived at the property as arranged and made some quick introductions, and then got to work. Mike sat down with the property owner and main witness and went through our standard questionnaire, whilst our sensitive went through the house to see what information she could glean from the surroundings.

Sensitive impressions:


There is a strong presence all over the house, think this is an active building.
Saw something small on entry to the building, best word is imps.
Nothing definite.

Back Bedroom.

(Wendy feels as though she is being watched)
Finding it hard to catch breath and feel very teary want to cry.
Male presence here. He has a destructive attitude, points and shouts in anger.
Have to leave room, cant breath.

Front Bedroom.

Stuffy feeling in here, like a sauna.
Feels heavy atmosphere, but calm.
Everyone is hot, the radiator is cold. (Note, the rest of the house was comfortably warm but by no means hot or stifling).
Get impression of a wooden block being dropped on someone's hand or foot, caused a severe injury.
Pains in lower belly upper groin area.
(Wendy has headache).


Crushing feeling.
"It's horrible, too much"
Murder round here somewhere, not sure when.
Pains in back, right side and groin area.
Someone hit in the back of the head.
Extreme sadness and quiet unpleasant.

Back Garden.

Lots of dogs?
There is something hidden out here.
Both Wendy and Keryn have ear ache at this point although in opposite ears, they are facing each other so both have ear ache on the same side to view.
Rest of audio from the video in the garden is unclear.

Back Room Downstairs.

Felt sick again as soon as entered.

Front Room Downstairs.

Pushing on top of head and a feeling of sick excitement.

Once the witness interview and the initial walk through had been completed Mike and Ray conducted base line readings and took a series of control photographs. Keryn accompanied us as we walked through the house and as we reached the back bedroom was once again over come with a feeling of extreme nausea, so much so that she had to leave the room. The feeling remained with Keryn all the time we remained on the upper floor of the house gradually worsening until we moved back down the stairs and onto the lower floor of the property. Unfortunately this feeling became so overpowering that the poor girl was physically ill at this point was also complaining of a severe head ache, so we took a short break to enable her to regain her equilibrium.
As we were walking away from the area however both ray and Mike heard footsteps. Interestingly although they were stood next to each other, Ray reported that the footsteps had come from the stairs and Mike insisted that they had come from the back bedroom.
Due to the nature of the property and the fact the owner was moving out the following morning our time at the address was to be short, only a few hours in fact. So we decided that we would conduct only control and EVP experiments while we monitored the temperature on the upper floor. We quickly decided that we would start in the back bedroom with a controlled experiment and EVP session. The room was set up as below. The digital video camera was set up to monitor the control object, (a wooden cross, for no other reason than we had nothing else to hand that would fit the bill any better), and the analogue camera was set up so that it would record the position of the first camera as well as the door and a chair with a child's dummy and a Dictaphone on it.

We also carried out an EVP session in the front bedroom and placed a remote thermometer in there as well. (Refer to diagram 2). We then retired back down stairs to monitor the temperature, no significant changes where noted and the full readings can be seen here. We left the cameras running in the room for just over half an hour and then re-entered the room to check on the tapes. As they still had some way to go, we left them running and returned down stairs making sure to make careful notes of all times and noises made.
Whilst we sat down stairs amongst the clutter of someone who has packed most of there life into crates ready for a house move we continued to monitor the temperature in both of the bedrooms and keep notes of all external noises for the sake of the EVP experiments that were running. At 22:41 ray noticed a white shape move between a plant and a box in the living room, but states that it could well be outside as he was looking towards the window at the time.
Three minutes later Mike reported seeing a black tennis ball sized shadow move up the wall at the rear of the living room, we are aware this could well have been a trick of the light, or nay number of things, but still fell that it should be reported.
At 23:07 we re-entered the back bedroom to end the control experiment in there. It was noted that the EVP tape had run to its end and so had the analogue video tape; the digital tape was still running. No movement was evident on the controls and after reviewing the video tapes nothing of any significance was caught on tape. (At this time the audio tapes are still under review). Remote thermometer 1 was moved to position 2, (see diagram 1), the cameras and control object was moved to the front bedroom and placed as in diagram 2.

By 22:27 we had set up the front room experiments and left the room. Keryn and Wendy were outside at this time and report the sounds of a dog and a cat crying in the garage. No animals where found.
At midnight due to the busy day the home owner had the following day we felt we should wrap up and leave. All experiments were ended and all equipment packed away. Again no movement was recorded on the control and after reviewing the video tapes nothing of significance was caught.
The following is an excerpt from a mail received the following day:

I think she was overwhelmed by Keryn's accuracy and it unnerved her.




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