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UK Paranormal were contacted via a mutual friend by a family that had been having problems in there home and several previous residences. After listening to their story we decided that they needed help. The following is a transcript of a tape recording made of the family outlining their problems. Please note however that due to the nature of this report all names and address have been removed. The three women involved with this transcript are now referred to as Mother, Daughter 1 and Daughter 2. With this in mind I have kept the details vague and have not included any pictures or video. No EVP evidence was gained on this case. I have just put down the relevant bits in this transcription

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What follows is not an interview it's the people relating their experiences. I have edited out the actual words and rewritten it in my own words.

New sun bed, Mother was using the sun bed. The lights of which usually burn with a yellow colour. Suddenly the lights became much brighter and burned with a white light. Mother said aloud as she jumped off the bed "oh god, I hope this aint gonna catch fire!" as she said that her mobile went off, she had the presence of mind to switch off the bed at the mains. She checked her mobile and found that she had a message, containing no return number which is unusual just text. The message said "it will". She thinks this when things started to get worse...
Was shut in bathroom and couldn't get out, was in the bath and the door slammed, no drafts where felt. Mother says her bathroom window was opened just a crack for moisture escape. Tried to open the door and couldn't. From this point the events that are related are from futher back. They have decided to start from the beginning. Mother states that when she ways pregnant with her son that she and her friend used a oui'ja board. When she lived in another house she saw a man on the stairs, things would move and disappear. One thing that she remembers clearly is money going missing, they searched the house high and low for it including going through all the cupboards in the house. The day they moved out the money turned up in a food cupboard that had been searched before. The day her dad died a picture came flying off the wall. In a different street daughter 1 came to the top of the stairs screaming with her hair standing on end, she had long hair and mother states that her hair was stood up about a foot. Mother says that daughter1 had said at the time she had seen something.
When a friend visited them when they were living in yet another house something grabbed her at the top of the stairs.
It all started when they came home one day and daughter 1 said things have been happening in the house
Mothers words " furniture was on top of one another, telly was turning on and off, then bulbs kept blowing, actually saw it that night, don't know if it was the devil whatever. When we was in bed there was things crawling across the ceiling, some sort of animals teeth big eyes and growling, walls moving, eyes on the wall, things looking over the bed, poking me. When things was happening the room the walls were closing in, we couldn't get out of the room, door wouldn't open. Daughter1 was sleep walking at the time. Could hear IT approaching climbing up inside the wall like coming up stairs. The little man, first time I saw him I was lying in bed and could hear the black bag moving, I used to keep the ironing in a black bag. When I looked there was little man on the bag, I closed my eyes and said go away, when I looked again he was gone. The next time I see it, I could hear it running across the landing, when I went into the bathroom it was on the toilet seat playing with the pot-pouri that was on the cistern.
Went to the church and the church carried out a requiem blessing. That's when it started talking! Kept saying go away, go away, that's all it kept saying. It went straight through me at the bottom of the stairs; we had clawing and knocking on the door.
I had a medium out called Jack. He tried to put it right asked me questions, told me what had happened with this woman, he said she had brought something in with her, he couldn't cross this line or something. It went from bad to worse, we had an exorcism. It drove the car into the garage with no one in it, what ever it was got into the car and drove it into the garage. This was witnessed by a neighbour who thought they had done it and was shocked when they came home and found out that hadn't been in at the time the car moved.
We had the exorcism, on a Sunday it was I remember it, made the kids go down their nans didn't want them there. When it was done we thought well this it nice and calm we'll go out. When we came back it told us to go away, it had made it worse!
I couldn't cope with it any more so we left. Mother mentions her first husband here. Says he didn't believe it until he was putting a video in and it bit his hand, they moved to a new home and the husband said to Mother "I never believed it but know I believe all you have told me I cant cope with it and moved out".
Whilst in this home small things happened doors open and the like nothing major. "Started getting worse when I moved into yet again, that's when I kept smelling oil" I'm going to start condensing what she says from here on.
Brother and his wife stayed, slept in back room. Brother woke screaming and crying and tried to get of the room his wife heard nothing. When she did wake he asked why she hadn't helped him. He said he saw a dark figure at the end of the bed pulling the quilt down and trying to get at him. This happened again but this time his wife saw it too. Also in the back room a face with red eyes was seen in a mirror.
The eldest daughter now tells how on several occasions she was in bed and unable to move and on one occasion she felt something having sex with her, she says after it had finished it just went. She grabbed her child and fled the house and phoned her dad from a telephone box, he found her sat in the telephone box where she had made the call. The doctor confirmed there was evidence of sexual intercourse but couldn't explain it.
The next house daughter1 moved into is the one she lives in now. Her son had a red trike in his bed room. She was woken by a squeaking sound and found his bike going round in circles in his room. Then the noises started, banging's etc..and every now and then she would be poked as if something was saying here I am. The child now sleeps in his mum room because he says there is a man in his room, Daughter 1 could hear talking coming from her son's room when she investigated all his toys where talking and moving, she called her mum and she saw it as well then it just stopped. The toy that was talking (a power ranger toy) had no battery in it. The toy is supposed to say "earth will be mine" but was saying "you will be mine".

My observations;

It is very interesting to note that a lot of the stories related on this tape are started by one person and finished by another; people say the same things at the same time as well. I decided to let them just talk rather than interviewing them at this stage because they were obviously scared and worried. I took Mothers husband to another room however and had an informal chat with him about the occurrences he has been involved in. he reports the same things in his own words, and is very shook up by it all. I believe these people to be telling the truth.
Due to the nature of the alleged haunting it was decided that we should get the family some help as soon as possible rather than entering into full blown investigation as the husband had been physically attacked and had had blood drawn. So I immediately got in touch with Andrew Garley, a medium we have used on investigations before, unfortunately Andrew thought he wasn't right for this one so he put us in touch with another group of mediums who operate under the name of Paranormal Paradox (I am unaware of any website at this time). After consulting the mediums it was decided that at no time should the Mother re-enter the house until a clearance had been performed.
The family were informed of this and the Mother told me that she needed some clothing from the house and would like to go in. after a further consultation it was decided that I would be the one to go in and get her clothes. I entered the house during the afternoon of the following day fellow team member outside in case I got into trouble. My first impression of the house was not favourable. There was a definite feeling of dread that permeated the entire building. I gathered the needed clothing from the bedroom and the only thing that happened whilst I was in the house was the sound of a low growl that seemed to come out of the corner of the bedroom, (the room where the husband had been scratched), I was not sorry to leave the house!!!
It was several day later that we finally managed to get the mediums into the area due to high winds. After consulting with the family the mediums realised that all three women had the gift of medium ship but were unaware of the fact, this was considered an important point so the mediums proceded to "close down" all three of them. It was explained that the women had probably been attracting spirits and been able to get rid of them, and that closing them down should stop the spirits being attracted to them in the future. Once completed we made our first foray into the house led by the mediums. We took two digital video cameras 3 digital stills cameras and an EMF meter along with 2 Dictaphones with us.
We made a sweep of the house and encountered several spirits including a surprising amount of children who didn't like it there. One of the UK Paranormal team had a strange encounter upstairs with a female spirit who passed right through him and then wouldn't leave him alone, he says that she kept saying "please don't leave me here" over and over again and was holding him around the waist. It should be noted that this happened to who has to be the most sceptical member of the team.
After the sweep was completed the mediums held a sťance to help move on the spirits who wanted to go, the ones who were stubborn and didn't want to leave would be dealt with later.
The team left the house for a short time to regroup and gather the women who had been affected the most ready for the expulsion of the spirit who was considered to be the "ring leader". The mediums had ascertained by now that he was an unsavoury character that had an appetite for children in his earthly life, hence the amount of child spirits that he had gathered around him.
The women were brought into the house under the protection of the mediums and the circle reformed with two of the women in the centre and a third in the circle itself as she felt safer there. It wasn't long however before the stress of the situation got to her and she collapsed. She placed in the centre with her family as support and the mediums began the final part of the removal.
There was still the ringleader to be dealt with as well as several spirits of children who had been to afraid to go during the earlier circle. The mediums began by placing the house under protection, starting from the attic and roof working there way down through the building. This was done by placing blue light through the building and over the doors and windows, the idea being to force the malevolent spirit out of hiding and into the circle where he could be moved on. He had other ideas though and would not be forced, so one of the mediums called on his Aunt from the other side to come and get him, suddenly the brash and boastful spirit was reduced to an obedient wretch as he obeyed with out question whatever his Aunt told him to do, and he was finally expelled from the house.
All that remain was to move on the children that had remained under his thrall for so long. This was accomplished in fairly short order in the same manner as before. In one touching moment one the children refused to go until she had said goodbye to the youngest daughter of the afflicted family, telling her through the medium that she had been there only friend and that they would miss her. The protection of the house was finished and the night wrapped up at this point.
We have since heard from the family again and apparently the disturbances had started again in the way of nasty smells. We visited once more but could find no evidence of any further activity. We explained that after so long under this kind of haunting it was going to take the residents a while not to jump at every knock and creak etc. And under no circumstances should they invite anything back. Unfortunately things continued and I had no choice but to ask the family to contact the members of the local spiritualist church and gave them the number and name of the person to talk to. The family did get in touch with the church and were consequently visited by two mediums from there ranks who confirmed what we had told them. They also informed the family that were two spirits now back in the house and that it was the mother who couldn't let them go and as consequence had invited the spirit back. The mediums from the church told the three women that they needed training to control the spiritual abilities they had and until they had received this training it was pointless moving the spirit on as would just be invited back again.
It is the opinion of this investigator that the family are now trying to gain financially from this situation and as such have no choice but to break all contact with them.

UK Paranormal do not investigate for financial gain but to further research into the paranormal, and where possible to help people with problems of a paranormal nature. We make no claims to able rid any property of any haunting real or imagined and leave that to the mediums. I personally have no doubt that when we began this little adventure the people in question needed help, but the fact they now seem to want to exploit the situation for there own financial ends, means that they have in our eyes lost much of the credibility they have in future claims to paranormal happenings, this in no way infers that they are lying just that we have take whatever they say with a pinch of salt. From the outset UK Paranormal and the group of mediums counselled against any form of media involvement as in our opinion this could just make a bad situation worse, such a fantastic story was bound to attract the attention of the media and as children are involved here (both of the family involved and of the investigation team) such attention would have damaging in the extreme.




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