Tequilas Restaurant,
Canning Circus, Nottingham


The buildings in this block date back to the 1850's when they were used as a livery stables & monument masons by the Palethorpe family. The building were used for this purpose by the Co-Operative Funeral Services and later, Lymms funeral directors. At one stage becoming a mortuary until the 1960's when they became a fish & chip restaurant. The buildings, at this time are Tequila's Mexican restaurant and a bar.

UK Paranormal
Mike Driscoll.
Wendy Driscoll.
Samantha Marriott
Louise Marriott.
Anji Ricobi.

East Midlands Ghost Investgation Group (EMGIG)
Anthony Biggs.
Brian Hardy.
Denise Morris.
Sue Binch.

2 x digital video camera (night shot).
Analogue video camera.
2 x 35mm still cameras.
Advantix camera.
5 x digital stills cameras.
2 x EMF meters.
Digital thermometer
with remote units.
Multiple flashes
for all cameras.
4 x Dictaphones.
Mini disc recorder.
2 x Walkie Talkies.

We had decided on this occasion due to the size of the property to be investigated that we would invite some of the members of The East Midlands Ghost Investigation Group to join us for the investigation. We met at another favourite haunt of ours, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, before moving on the venue.
We arrived at the venue at midnight as arranged and quickly settled ourselves in the upstairs restaurant area and decided that it would be as good a place as any for our base for the night.
As our medium had been unable to attend with us for this investigation Mike decided to try something a little different this time, and instead of spending an hour with the medium walking through the venue giving there impressions, he separated the group up into pairs and had them walk through the entire building to record whatever feelings ect. they would pick up on. Mike checked all the equipment while this took place. Once all the pairs had returned and the data compared it was decided that the main part of the investigation would take place in two areas, the manager's office and adjoining back room, and the cellar. However all the pairs also picked up on certain feelings in the lower area of the restaurant as well, and this may well be an area for a further investigation.
One point of great interest was reported by Louise before we paired up for the walk through. Below she reports the incident in her own words:

"Mike had just finished his 'pep' talk to the teams. I had turned away from looking at him but heard mention that he was going downstairs.

As I turned round a movement to my left caught my eye and I looked over thru the doorway (where the back staircase, and stairs up to the upper room are).

I saw a male figure on its way past and making it's way to the back staircase. I only saw the back of its head, upper back and left arm and what I saw seemed solid.

He was medium height, with brown hair (a full head - not Hippocratic) and was wearing one of the diamond pattern jumpers that men tend to get from their Aunties for Christmas - the type Woolworth sell in winter. I thought it was Mike (as I'd just heard that he was going downstairs), but on reflection realized it wasn't dressed like Mike, or like anyone else in the building at the time."

At 1 am the group was spilt into teams:

Team One
Wendy Driscoll.
Samantha Marriott.
Brian Hardy.
Sue Binch.

Team Two
Louise Marriott.
Anji Ricobi.
Anthony Biggs.
Denise Morris.

Mike was left to float between the two teams as necessary.

Team 1 was dispatched to the manager's office and team 2 to the cellars for an initial vigil and round of any experiments the team deemed necessary. Mike joined team 1 in the manager's office.

Team 1, the manager's office.

The team entered the office at approx 1 am and the first thing that was noted by both Mike and Brian was that the atmosphere had changed since they had last entered the room, it did not feel as oppressive although it was still colder than the rest of the building. The video camera was set to cover as much of the room as possible and a Dictaphone and mini disc recorder set up for EVP. Temperature was recorded at 21.7 degrees C.

The team conducted an EVP question and answer session with the usual questions.

1. What is your name?
2. Can you tell us what year it is?
3. Are you alone here?
4. How many others are with you?
5. Do you interact with the others here?
6. Are they all from the same time as you?
7. Are you aware of your state of existence?
8. Are you happy?
9. Are you happy for us to be here with you at this time?
10. Is there anything you would tell us?
11. How long have you been here?
12. Thank you for talking with us, is there anything we can do for you?

No results were noticed although a floorboard did creak when the question "are you happy?" was asked. This was put down to general building noise. The tape was left running at the end of the session.
Mike got a mental picture of an old man, bald on top, rest of hair grey, stooped and wearing black tails. A Dickensian type character. Name of Arthur, has something to with counting money. (An interesting point here is that when the investigation concluded and Mike was talking with the owner of the building, the owner also described a similar old man and reported that he had felt this man around the premises). Mike also reports that he hears footsteps and a cough.
Sue got a strong smell of cabbage, but this wasn't noticed by any one else in the group. It was decided by general consent that we would try a channeling session near the managers table and all gathered round. During the session Mike asked if any spirits present would make themselves known by making a noise. A very distinct tap was heard to the rear of the desk and towards the door but still inside the room. Mike asked for a repeat and second distinct tap was heard, but this time from the opposite end of the room. The request was made a third time but with no result. One tap could be considered luck twice could be co-incidence and a third time would have been something else. So we are left with the possibility that it was nothing more than co-incidence, especially as the two noises although sounding the same came from two distinctly different places in the room. It is worthy of note though, because of the timing of the taps, both came immediately after the request, there was no pause at all. Just the request and then the noise.

At 1:56 am we left the room and ended the session. There was no reportable change in the temperature during the session.

Team 2, the cellar.

Equipment was deployed for an EVP session in the usual 'ask a question and wait for a response' manner. The team sat on the ledge towards the back of the cave with a digital thermometer propped up against the wall. As soon as we started to ask the questions, the temperature started to drop. This was very noticeable and actually happened seemingly in response by one degree to each question asked. From first entering the cave until we left, there was a drop of approximately 7 - 9 degrees in what was a comparatively short time. (Considering there were four people there, surely the temperature would have risen from body heat in normal circumstances)? During this session, photos were taken, of which a number contain orbs. Whilst some of these will be the effects of dust, it is curious to note that several of these photos were taken in very quick succession, of the same area with orbs only being visible in one photo. Does dust really dissipate in such a short time or could these be genuine light anomalies? (Orbs) During this session, UK Paranormal's trainee sensitive Anji sat on the steps and tuned in. It was at this time that Denise wandered up into the raised part of the cave to see what she may pick up herself? Anji said she was then getting the impression of a man telling Denise to "GET OUT"! as she shouldn't be in here. Anthony also wandered up in this area and felt uncomfortable as if invading a 'private' area. During this session, group two also heard a very loud thud which appeared to come from upstairs, but having radioed through the other group, they confirmed they were sitting quietly and had NOT caused any loud noise.

At 2:15am Sue from the EMGIG team had to leave so we all said goodbye to her and at 2:20am the first controlled experiment of the night was set up in the manager's office. A wooden cross and two small coins were placed on a piece of paper and drawn around. The paper was cover with a video camera making sure the whole piece and a sizable area around the paper was in shot and the room shut up and vacated. We than had a coffee break.
3:00am saw us back in the cellar setting up another controlled experiment with a bell and a golden cross with chain set on a pile dust and covered by a further camera. The cellar was shut and left also. The team returned upstairs to check on the control in the manager's office and we have to report no movement. A spur of the moment channeling session was embarked with the camera still running and the controls still in place to see if we could influence a movement. We couldn't, it didn't move and no one reported a change in the feeling in the room or in them selves so we moved into the back room and tried a channeling session in there with the same result.

At 3:45am we re-entered the cellar and found no movement on the trigger objects down there either. We undertook another channeling session in the cellars on the raised part of the floor and in complete darkness. Flashes of light were seen by several members of the party but it's possible that this could be a result of eyes attempting to adjust to complete lack of light. It was noted by all that the temperature seemed to drop at an alarming rate and two members reported that they no longer felt as if we were alone in the cellar. The main consensus was that someone or several someone's were circling the group. Mike reported feeling as though he was being pushed and pulled and at one point nearly fell over backwards. An interesting point here. We were in complete darkness it was not possible to see your hand in front of your face. Anyone who has been in a cave and switched off the lights will know what I mean; anyone else will have to guess. Anyway, in complete darkness, as Mike started to fall the people on either side of him reached out and caught him. Was it because the channeling had raised there awareness of the surroundings or just pure luck?

During the final channeling session in the top section of the cellar two team members felt something at the same time.

Sam's experience -
At approx 4:05am I felt something solid brush against my finger, mentioning this, I then confirmed that Anji, who was standing next to me had not touched me. A couple of times during the session I breifly felt a cold draft on my back which seemed to coincide with Anji pointing out that a figure was standing behind me.

Denise's experience -
Tequila's was interesting. The bit where I felt something on my hand was when were all stood up in the higher section of cellar near the end of the night. It was a definate "brush" on the side of my hand. I initially thought it was one of the others, but everyone said they hadn't touched anyone. It was a very solid feeling. I found the last section of the night down there a bit freaky really. I think the pushing/pulling feeling experienced by some was strange. I felt that too. At first I thought it was just me being a bit tired, but then others reported the same sensation. I thought there was a fair bit of negativity down there.

5:00 am finish.

Many thanks to the members of EMGIG that joined us for the night! It was a pleasure to meet you all and I look forward to working with you all again.



Orbs caught in the cellars - more than likely dust

More orbs caught in the cellars - again, more than likely dust.

Mike(UKP) and Denise(EMGIG).

Looking through to camera set-up for trigger object experiment

Area in the cellar where the final EVP session was held
when Mike was almost pulled off his feet and Sam & Denise
both felt something stroke their hand.

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