It is with great pleasure that we welcome Jan Andrew Henderson as the patron of UK Paranormal. Jan is the owner of the Black Hart Story Tellers and City Of The Dead Tours. He is also an author and has published three titles that center around Scotland and more precisely Edinburgh, and at the time writing is awaiting the publication of his first novel!
When we met Jan earlier this year when we had traveled up to Edinburgh to carry out the first independent over night investigation into the McKenzie poltergeist which allegedly haunts The Covenanters Prison in Greyfriars Kirk Yard he had this to say about UK Paranormal:

"I have found the members of UK Paranormal to be personable, knowledgeable and thorough. They have conducted their investigation in a highly professional and courteous manner. It was refreshing to see that they maintained a healthy scepticism while keeping an open mind towards the possibilities of what they might find. They left the area as they found it and were very careful not to interfere with the day to day to running of the ghost tours that come into the prison every night"!

Glowing praise indeed, thanks Jan!

The following titles are the books that Jan has written:

The Town Below The Ground, Edinburgh's Legendary Underground City Synopsis

The Emperors New Kilt, Two Secret Histories Of Scotland. Synopsis

The Ghost That Haunted Itself. The Story of the McKenzie Poltergeist. Synopsis

Who Wants to Be an Edinburgher? Synopsis

For Children :

Secret City Synopsis

Hunting Charlie Wilson Synopsis

Available in all good bookshops.

If you'd like the find out more about Jan from the man himself he now as his own website at Jan's site