Spirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction? by Anthony Kevan Sercombe

Publishers: BookSurge Publishing
ISBN 1-4196-0292-6

This book is a publication including an in depth look at the orb phenomena, concentrating on over 90 interesting colour photographs. (Note: the copy we were sent for review was a text only .doc so it is difficult to comment further! ed).
In particular it debates whether, “spirit orbs” are images of those deceased, which can be captured with a camera. Kevan theorises on how easily spirit orbs can be confused with reflected light on cameras and other natural “anomalies” and that spirit orb images are different.
It is an interesting look at a subject, which clearly requires much further debate and the amount of orbs we have in our collection certainly makes this of interest to us all! Though it perhaps in fairness, fails to offer any persuasive evidence to support the phenomena. CERTAINLY WORTH TAKING A LOOK!

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"Mr. Sercombe's insight to the enigma of the orb phenomena is a fantastic journey towards the discovery of what modern day ghost hunters find all too often. This is a magnificent contribution to the art of paranormal investigation."

William R. Napier

“I congratulate you on your enthusiasm in wishing to bring spirit orbs to a wider public attention through a book”.

Roger Burman, B.A.
The British School of Spiritual Knowledge

Book review by Paul Vassallo

Ghosts have always fascinated humans if only because they have offered the possibility of finding out more about life on the other side. Spirit Orbs, though are less known, Anthony Kevan Sercombe’s “Spirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction?” is a pioneering work in this field and has been rated 93% www.amazon.com. Put simply, spirit orbs are images of humans which can be captured with camera. The writer takes the trouble of sharing how easily spirit orbs can be easily confused with reflected light on camera and other natural anomalies, however it made clear that spirit orbs images are definitely different to some tricks of the light.

The many illustrations (98 colour photographs) offer, at least interesting if not compelling evidence of this phenomena. Readers will be able to judge for themselves what spirits orbs actually are. The author himself found spirit orbs appeared more as he wrote the book and looking at the illustrations one is struck by sheer personality which comes through in certain images. Perhaps the most appealing fact about this phenomena is that all it takes is a digital camera for anyone to possibly capture such intriguing images.

Anthony Kevan Sercombe’s book offers a fascinating introduction and explanations to a little known topic. Not only that, but readers will find it also provides a doorway into the mysterious world of the spiritual afterlife.

The book is available from www.booksurge.com or www.amazon.com.


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