The George & Dragon (Wentworth, Rotherham)


After seeing a report in a local paper, UK Paranormal approached the landlady and staff at the George and Dragon to gather more information on the alleged haunting there. After discussing the phenomena with the staff of the pub it was decided that we should begin research into the history of the building (Proving bizarrely difficult). Research into this site is still ongoing and still proving difficult.

(UK Paranormal)
Mike Driscoll
Wendy Driscoll
Ray Matthews
Liz Hamilton
Samantha Marriott
Scott Badger
(Mystery Mag)
Martin Jeffery
Louise Jeffery
Dawn Jessop

1 x Digital Video Camera
2 x Analog Video Cameras
4 x Digital Still Cameras
4 x 35mm Still Cameras
1 x Motion Detector
1 x Webcam with Motion
Sensitive Software
1 x Laptop

Visited  23rd November 2002
After reading a local newspaper that The George and Dragon in Wentworth were experiencing strange disturbances UK Paranormal approached the management of the well know public house with a view to an all night investigation. The management agreed and the date was set. We arrived at the location at around 10:30 pm and after being shown into an up stairs room that we could use as a control center we set up the computer and checked our gear and waited for the pub to empty. In the mean time Martin and Louise Jeffery from arrived and introductions were made, shortly after the freelance reporter we had invited also arrived so more introductions were necessary. As we waited for the pub to empty and the staff to finish clearing away the debris of what was obviously a busy night we sat and discussed theory and explained to the reporter what we do on a vigil what certain phrases meant and what we hoped to do with all the research ourselves and other groups are carrying out. The pub was finally empty and we got down to work interviewing the staff and witnesses of the disturbances. We were informed that we wouldn't be able to have access to the living quarters of the building as the landlady was worried that we might stir something up. This was obviously a disappointment to the group as that is we felt the most activity would be located. However we were also informed that disturbances had been noted in the cellar and other areas of the building. It was decided after a quick consultation that we would concentrate on the cellar and another part of the building used as a store room, which seemed to be in almost original condition. So after checking for baseline readings and anything that could interfere with our equipment we set a video camera in the cellar and locked the door so no one could interfere. And then head for the store room where we set a motion sensitive camera and two Dictaphones. Unfortunately on this visit no unusual phenomena was recorded and although we tried several other experiments during the night the sum total of evidence gathered was nil. We did get treated to a walk around a very old graveyard with a ruined church and this proved to be most atmospheric with the thick fog that hung heavy in the night air. Because of the weather it was not a good night for investigations in the cemetery however!! So on this visit we found nothing. Does that mean the place isn't haunted? We need to bear in mind that we were only there for one night out of the 365 in a year and that we have discovered the building is at its most active in the last two weeks in September every year. We also need to remember that we didn't have access to the entire building. So we won't draw any conclusions on this one. The management has informed us that if we wish to return we will be given full access on our next visit.




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