Me and my girlfriend took a trip to a place called Forbidden City on Portland, Dorset, England.
This place is blocked off but we climbed in anyway. We explored it and it was great. Nothing happened, until we went to explore the old naval buildings at the bottom. These buildings were not old they were modern, I had a strange urge to go inside one particular building and nothing would stop me, when I chose the building, my girlfriend got a sudden bad feeling and did NOT want to go inside. She had a strange instinct telling her not to go in, but we went in anyway because I just needed to explore it.
These buildings were abandoned and each and every window was smashed, not so that all the window had gone but as if something threw a small stone through the centre, and there was not a full window. They were all like this.
As we went in, we went up one flight of stairs, and down one corridor, I was ok with this but still my girlfriend was uneasy, it was when we went round and entered the second corridor I heard a mans voice (well a drone of his voice anyway), like someone speaking in a room next to you, you can't hear what they are saying but you can still hear the drone of thier voice and there is absolutely NO ONE else there except me and my girlfriend, it felt as if I were being chased by something, they were abandoned buildings, just left there, it looked like people had tried to knock it down with diggers but it's all just been abandoned! The digger is still there, and it's all just empty, anyway after we heard this voice we both panicked even me, and just wanted to get out, we finally found a way out and left the abandoned area, but now we are quite affected by what happened.

Did we disturb something?

Dean Guile.

UK Paranormal's Comment:- An interesting story, but we have to point out that UK Paranormal does not promote or endorse trespassing or entering a building without the express permission of the owner.