On this page we attempt to answer the question's we hear most frequently, it must be stressed that a lot of what you are about to read is speculation and should not be taken as fact.  This page will be updated periodically as the subject has so many questions and answers to attempt cover them all in one go would be an effort of Herculean proportions.


What Is a Ghost?

The simple answer to that is, no one really knows! There are many theories being banded about,
but as group we don't really like to put ourselves on the spot and agree or disagree with any particular theory.

I know that's ambiguous but until we have enough data gathered from our research and the research
of other groups then the best answer is "we don't know, but we aim to find out!"

There are several types of "ghost" or "haunting" that are generally accepted as being
paranormal in nature until proved otherwise,
I have made an attempt at listing these below.

  1. Residual Hauntings/stone tape theory.
  2. Interactive spirits.
  3. Poltergeists.
  4. Non-human entities:


What are Residual hauntings/stone tape theory?

This type of haunting is not connected with earth bound spirits and is believed to be a kind of
video recording imprinted on the surrounding materials, (buildings etc.)  When an event takes place that has involved a high emotional content to those involved, like an execution, duel, battle, murder or even a spirited argument between lovers, it is believed that the high output of emotional energy can cause the scene to be imprinted on its surroundings, and when conditions are correct they may be replayed in the atmosphere!

The images that are seen in this type of event may walk through walls or even appear to be several feet above ground. This is because the images are being replayed as they originally happened and the area they are now in may have changed since the time of the incident. I.e. doors have been blocked up or moved, the floor level changed etc.

There is no interaction with any witnesses and the scene maybe repeated at the same time each year on an anniversary or some such. Although frightening you are in no danger so sit back and enjoy the show!

What are Interactive spirits? (also see poltergeist.)

This kind of spirit can manifest in many ways. The least common type of sighting is the full bodied or partially bodied apparition, where you may see what appears to a solid person standing in front of you, or just an arm, hand, leg or other part of the body. This type of apparition is most often connected with something called a crisis ghost. You could be sitting at home in the evening enjoying the night's entertainment on the television when suddenly Uncle John walks into the room, although you are sure he is on the other side of the planet in Australia. He may say a few words to you and then walk out again or even just disappear; you may even bump into someone in the street and chat with them for a while. The first inclination you will get that what you have seen is a crisis ghost is when you get the news that the person you saw has died and could not have been interacting with you at the time you saw them because they had passed away soon before!  The more frequent type of interactive spirit reported involves sounds, you may hear footsteps, music, voices etc, or you may notice odors that have no apparent source, like tobacco when no one is smoking.  You may also notice shadows, strange mists, or odd lighting effects. You may feel cold spots. It's possible that you may even feel someone touch you or just be aware that you "are not alone". You may find objects have mysteriously moved with you touching them. This type of ghost is most likely the spirit  of someone departed who has remained on the earth plane because they don't know they are dead, or don't believe they are. They may have been stuck here because they died in sudden or tragic circumstances, or because they are scared to move on because they don't know what to expect and don't want to leave loved ones behind to fend for them selves. It's even possible that they are loved ones who have returned to pass on a message or just visit. Bearing in mind that these spirits are human souls that once walked the earth-plane;  they can not be neatly pigeon holed as either good or bad spirits. They will have the same personality traits that they had whilst they were living; it is rare indeed to find one that is truly evil! Think of the people you have in your life now, most are a combination of both good and bad things but there are few that anyone could call totally evil. This type of haunting can be very frightening and cause some scary situations, but remember that the chances are they can see you but you can't see them, so they will try and attract your attention in any way they can. This is the most common type of haunting reported and are generally relatively harmless. It's true that there are some extreme cases, but this is very rare and should not be considered the norm. 

What are Poltergeists?

Although poltergeist phenomena could easily be placed under the heading of interactive spirits I felt that this one needed a definition of its own. The word Poltergeist is itself pretty much an explanation in its own right. It's a German word by origin and translated means "noisy ghost".  The reason I have decided to dedicate a whole section to poltergeist's is because the phenomena caused by them is what most people would automatically call a haunting.

There are two types of poltergeist;  The first is the poltergeist that is associated with a building or place. The second and more common is associated with a person.  Quiet often a young girl who is entering puberty. In both cases phenomena reported consist of rapping's on the walls floors and ceilings, objects moving and levitating by them selves, objects disappearing and then reappearing elsewhere in the building or home, and a more serious note, fires starting without warning in unexpected places such as drawers and cupboards. Puddles of water or other liquids may also appear without apparent cause. In many cases there have been reports of the spirit taking a dislike to certain family members and hurling abuse, ornaments and even furniture at them, injuries are rare but by no means unheard of. Poltergeist hunting's can last from a few hours to several years,
although they rarely last more than a few months.

What are Non-human entities?

Probably the most feared of all kinds of haunting, the non-human entity better know as a devil or demon is harmful malevolent and very tricky. They are mentioned often both in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. They are not as rare as some people might think, but interaction with humans is thankfully very rare. Demons are famed for their trickery, using any lie or enticement to ingratiate them selves with intended victims, only to turn nasty when the time suits them and they are more difficult to get rid of. They are known to use devices such as the Oui'ja board to make themselves known to people who wish to contact the spirits of those who have passed from this life.
They will usual be very helpful at first giving detailed answers to questions put to them through the board, although they will disguise themselves as thoroughly as they are able.  Once contact has been made and trust gained they will gradually ingratiate themselves into the user's life until  they are in a position to do most harm. For this reason it is strongly advised that you NEVER use a Oui'ja for any reason! This point can not be stressed strongly enough. There are other ways a demon may be summoned and they are most frequently related to cases of black magic and satanic worship.

What is An Orb?

Orbs are the subject of great debate in the paranormal community at the moment. These spheres of light that appear mostly in digital stills photographs are believed by skeptics to be nothing more than dust or moisture very close to the lens of the camera. Illuminated by the flash and so far out of focus that they can appear in almost any size from a coin to a dinner plate. Whilst it is true that almost all of the orbs caught are almost certainly dust or moisture there is a case developing for a more paranormal explanation (some believe these seemingly self illuminated spheres are the first sign of a ghostly manifestation). Some mediums can predict where in a photograph they will appear and even it seems call them into a shot, which would seem to imply some form of intelligence.  The fact they are almost always caught with digital cameras is also a subject for debate. The flash on digital cameras is a lot brighter than on a "normal" camera and may be a reason for this phenomena. It has been stated that because a digital camera uses a CCD chip to record the image rather than photographic film  it can record images from outside the usual visual range of humans, i.e. infra red.
Not all orb images are captured on digital cameras however some do appear on 35mm photos. These are most often blamed on faults in the film or the development process.  The fact remains that not all orbs can be explained by any of these means, so the debate remains open. It should be made clear here that at least 95 % of orbs caught on digital cameras can be explained by mundane means,
so if you start to get pictures of orbs in your home don't immediately think you have a ghost!!! Always look for the logical explanation first. If you have any doubts about your picture send it to someone like us and we will be glad to have a look at it for you.

What is E.V.P?

Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP is a means of trying to interact with spirits or ghosts. The basic theory behind EVP is that we can't hear the voices of discorporate souls but they can be picked up and recorded on magnetic tape or disc. The general rule is that some sort of white noise should be used as the spirits use this to modulate there voices, such as a radio tuned in-between stations or the sound of running water. Two approaches can be made in the quest to gather EVP's.  The first is to leave a tape recorder or other recording device in a room and after asking any spirits present to leave a message walking away and closing the door.  This approach can be useful in so far as its possible to pick up other noises that cant be explained in a normal way, i.e. chairs moving, footsteps ect. The second is to sit quietly in a room with the tape running and to ask a series of questions leaving sufficient space  between questions to give answers. Both methods can give some quite startling results. Some of our own can be found by in the Investigations Section.  Its very important to make sure any natural noises that are heard during the recording are noted down so that they can be easily dismissed.

What is A Banshee?

A spirit from Irish folklore.  It is purported that this spirit will appear on the roof of a family dwelling howling and shrieking to portend a death in the family.

What is A Planchette?

Fore runner to the oui'ja board the planchette is a piece of wood generally heart shaped with a hole in the point  of the heart to accept a pen or pencil. The pencil is placed in the hole and over a piece of paper, the sitter then puts  his/her hands on the curved parts of the heart and "allows the spirit to write messages". In practice this was very difficult and it is from here that the oui'ja evolved.

What is A Oui'ja board?

The oui'ja board is well known piece of equipment for contacting the dead. It is also known under several other names, i.e. the witch board, spirit board Etc. It can be use by one or more people and is accessed by the people using it placing their fingers on a piece of wood  called the planchette, and then asking questions. The planchette is then supposed to move around the board spelling out the answers. Another version is "ask the glass" where the alphabet and yes and no are placed in a circle around a table (written on paper or using scrabble letters) and a glass is placed upside down in the circle and used in the same way as the planchette.

So the question is how does this miracle work? There are three possibilities;

  1. The most obvious answer is, some one is cheating and pushing the planchette or glass around to give answers.
  2. Another possible explanation is the "idiomotor response".  Put simply the person(s) using the board are making the planchette move without knowing it.
  3. The spiritual answer. The spirit of a dead person or entity unknown is causing the planchette to move!

It is because of the possibility of number three that we recommend that you never use this method of contacting "the other side". Purely and simply because you will have no idea to who or what you may be communicating with Use of the oui'ja in any form can be dangerous, whether from a paranormal point of view or a psychological one, messages that are received may be of detrimental nature, giving bad news or precognitive messages of ones imminent demise.  There is also the possibility that you may be communicating with something that would like to cause you harm.  The chance that you may contact something that will be nice and give you all the answers it wants to ingratiate itself with you until it gets bored and turns nasty can not be ignored.

What is Automatic writing?

Another way to speak with the dearly departed. The sitter holds a pen or pencil in his/her hand and rest it over a piece of paper and then ignores it, allowing the "spirit" to communicate by leaving messages.

What is a N.D.E. (near death experience)?

The experiences reported by people who have momentarily died or come very close to it.
These experiences usually involve the person seeing long dead relatives and or a light at the end of a tunnel. Scientific research has shown that the same effects can be gained by a certain natural drug being released into the brain  at or very near the point of death. More about this in a later article.

What is an O.B.E (out of body experience)?

Often reported by people who have been under anaesthetic or who have been in any state of unconsciousness, it can perhaps best be described as the consciousness leaving the body so that the person having the experience  is able to look down on there own body as though from a third person perspective. Some people claim to be able to leave there bodies at will and travel great distances from their physical state,  to the point where they can visit distant planets and even other dimensions or levels of existence. This s kind of O.B.E. is referred to astral travel.

What is An Incubus?

A form of spirit or elemental that attacks women in a sexual manner.

What is A Succubus?

Similar to an incubus but this one attacks men.

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