The Bell Inn, Farringdon


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(UK Paranormal)
Mike Driscoll.
Wendy Driscoll.
Ray Matthews.
Keryn Carter.
Anji Ricobi.
Scott Badger.

(Guest Investigator)

Phillip Dobson.
(Dobbo the house elf)

2 x Digital Video Cameras (night shot).
35mm Still Cameras.
1 x Advantix camera.
4 x Digital Still Cameras.
2 x EMF Meter.
Digital thermometer with remote unit.
Multi flashes for all cameras.
4 x Dictaphones.
Walkie Talkies.
Lap Top with motion sensing software.

After a previous visit by two team members some time ago UK Paranormal had been itching to visit this old Coaching inn situated in rural Wiltshire. We all met in the entrance to this large hotel and introduced ourselves to James the manager, who gave us a quick run down of where we could go and what we were able to do. He showed us to room 7, which is reputed to have some activity. I have to say it's a wonderful room, upon opening the door you have to climb a staircase to get to the bedroom, which makes it fairly unusual even without the reported apparition of a monk.
Once the pub was closed and all the customers and staff had left for the night Claire the manageress informed us that she was tired and was going to bed leaving us the run of the whole public house. At 11:45 our sensitive Keryn commenced her walk through of the establishment to gain her first impressions of the building as this was her first visit.
We waited for the bar to empty and had a quick look around downstairs before we could get going properly. By midnight the bar was finally empty and the place was ours for the rest of the night. Ray and Mike took a quick tour to take control shots and base line tests; this was accomplished in fairly short order. While we had been busy it would seem that someone else had started to get to work as well. Anji sat in the main bar, had felt someone touch her leg and Dobbo's camera batteries had already drained. Fully charged a moment before they were completely dead, strangely a few minutes later they had reverted to there fully charged state.

Pip started her walk through of the building and the areas we had access to. Below is a transcript of the video taken.

Muriel's Bar

Looks into corner by locked door to hallway and toilets. There's a guy over there. Looks like he has a sackcloth coat on, that sort of colour, and long grey hair. He's just stood there doing nothing, looks a bit mean but it's not very strong.

Main Bar.

There's something over by the bar. Something behind the bar by the fridges, I can't quite make out it is, but it's there and it's watching and looking. (Note: there have been various sightings by the till, which is very close to the fridges mentioned here, of a vague monk like figure. This has been reported both by staff and patrons). It's aware of us. It knows we are here and it can see us. The hackles on the back of my neck keep going up. Something to do with this way - points at the till area behind bar!

Restaurant Area.

Really strong feeling in here and its not very nice, very strong, getting stronger - heading towards kitchen end - there's two people sat there - points at pew - ones a guy with short whitish hair to about his shoulders. He's talking to the next person. Can't make out second persons features, he just dark and he's twiddling his thumb's, and he knows were here.


Strewth it's strong in here. This strong in here - Just inside the door in a kind of anti room - I can't make out what it is either. Just a really.... All the hairs are standing up on the back of my neck.
Into the main kitchen. Much calmer in here.
A mild feeling around the fridge, but it's very mild compared to out there. It's stronger just here - by door to courtyard - When I was out side earlier before the vigil started, I felt there was some one there.
It feels like a male watching and following, but it's fast. Moving ahead of me, it's leaving some sort of residue. It move's all over this Inn. It's going upstairs. I'm picking up something upstairs at the moment. Finding it hard to explain. I'm picking something up in room 7 - we had been in there earlier in the evening while the bar emptied - like someone peeping out of a wardrobe. Youngish lad, late 20's early 30's

Restaurant Area.

Really strong in here.

There's a woman stood here - indicates centre of room - in a long dress that puffs out at the bottom from the waist, it's almost sort of floral, very striking.

There's also a dog.

By cupboard door left of the fire - very strong feeling here - opens cupboard door finds window at the back that would look into the snug.

Corridor at rear of bar.

Something walks through here and through there. - Points at door that leads into Muriel's Bar.

Ladies toilets.

There's something in here not terribly pleasant

Mike - "It's behind me isn't it"? Standing with back to stall.
I'm getting the colour green - leaving the toilets - and there's something that's racing away, racing around and it's unpleasant, very unpleasant and I don't like it! It's making me feel scared.

Main hallway area.

It's all around this area.


Very mild in here at the moment.

Bar again.

Picking up on quite a few women in here showing their legs. There's a man behind the bar long black hair and he's laughing at us, but also at someone else.
A gathering outside of town's people, a few men on horse back with old/odd guns, rifles. That's all I'm picking up outside, it's not as strong as last time.

Discussion about noise from fridges.

Pip looks at the round table to left of window.
There are men sat here and there is a dog.
Ray - "what kind of dog is it Keryn? Can you tell?"
Looks like a Labrador.
Ray - "what colour?"

Near the bar flap.

It's still strong here. There is someone in that chair. Indicates chair next to bar flap.
Back into main bar.
It's funny actually; I'm picking up on a little girl now.
Ray - "in here?"
Ray - "can you tell us much about her?"
She's tall for her age, got very long blonde hair and she comes across as about 10.
Ray - "what's her demeanour?"
She's got a bit of a dirty face but she's dancing, she's not particularly unhappy at all.
And there's someone that's there one minute and gone the next - indicates fireplace - crouching down and doing something to that fire.

Leave Bar.

It's very strong in the corridor

Restaurant Again.

Did you hear that? Sounded like paper rustling? (Sound not on tape).
It's at this point that the cold spots are found. See main report text.

Kitchen anti room.

Not feeling the presence in here now.

Dobbo makes very bad scone joke, as in its gone = scone.

Walking back through the restaurant area Pip commented that someone had pushed her hair then back at the pew.
There's a strong feeling from this dark figure here, there's something I'm not picking up on in this Inn, something that's moving around.
- Discussion about sensing a dog in here on last visit -
There's a lot of debauchery in here I remember that from the last visit, and I felt it again when we were back in room 7.

First floor landing looking up the stairs that leads to the second floor.

That's where the little girl was - Note; A spectre of a little girl has been reported at this spot on various occasions. Pip is getting a terrible headache.

Room 7


Ray hears a sound in the dining room at 12:27 am which he and Dobbo investigate and both feel uneasy. By 12:50 am all the team are in the restaurant and have noticed cold spots in the centre of the room. These where felt physically but did not show up on thermometers. The cold spots seemed to move around the central area of the room until they suddenly were not there anymore. It was also noted that the temperature in the snug had dropped 4 degrees in the last hour.
While in the bar Dobbo became very giddy whilst behind the bar itself.
A loud tap was heard in the kitchen area whilst in the restaurant but was tracked down to an extraction fan starting up. All the above we reported during Pips walk through.
After the walk through was completed we had a coffee break and discussed what to do next.

It was decide that Scotty's laptop and camera would be placed in room 7 as there have been reports of an apparition of a monk in there. We would also set a control in the bar area and a camera in the restaurant.
The trigger object was the old favourite wooden cross; we placed it on the bar so that the video camera could cover it and the area where the monk like apparition has been reported. A second camera was set up in the restaurant at the kitchen end covering the central section, we also set a third camera running in the kitchen towards the anti room area where Pip had had such strong feeling's earlier in the night. The motion sensitive camera was set up in room 7 and we sat back and relaxed for a while.
A sound like someone sitting down in one of the wooden chairs in the snug was heard by Mike, Ray and Dobbo at 2:41. After a quick check it was found to be the sound of a certain chair.
At 2:45 am we conducted a Q and A EVP session in the snug with a separate recorder in the hallway outside, apart from some strange noise that we cant quite explain but cant be sure they aren't natural so have dismissed we have no results to report apart from what could be a vague answer to the question "can you tell me what year it is"? The answer is very vague and I only include the file because it comes after a question. Tapes were left running and we went upstairs to room 7 for a silent vigil.
3:40 am saw the team breaking down the controls and moving the cross and camera into Muriel's bar for a while.

At 4:30 am we concluded the evening and packed away our gear.
There are certainly some strange feelings and noises inside the Bell and I believe it warrant's further investigation.

We were joined on this vigil by a guest Phillip Dobson AKA Dobbo the house elf. This is what he had to say about the night.

Farringdon - A night to remember

As we drove to Farringdon I felt eager, nerves, excited and apprehensive all at the same time. Although I tried not to let Nard know I felt like this and displayed a super cool exterior at all times! (In other words I tried not to s**t my pants!). My apprehension was not helped when we arrived and found that nobody else had got there. We waited in the car for what seemed like an age and I begin to think that it was a wind up and unpleasant memories of Hackpen Hill arose (ask Nard for further details.) I felt relieved when I met the team and realized that it was finally going to happen. I was going to spend the night in a haunted building. I was impressed with the excellent teamwork and professional attitude of the group. Everyone knew where they were supposed to be and what they were supposed to be doing.

So did I experience any supernatural sensations? Well I felt an overwhelming feeling of nausea behind the bar (and no I had not sunk 20 pints) this feeling disappeared as soon as I walked away from the bar. I also felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up in one area. These are feelings that I cannot explain or understand!

Did I enjoy the experience - YES it was fantastic and I can't wait for the next one (if you'll have me).

The house elf.



- A small anomoly in the lower right hand window pane.
Could be the reflection from the torch.

- What do you think?

- A view from the bar towards the till
area where the monk has been seen.

- Pew in restuarant area where Pip saw two men.

- Main hallway