"What is Mediumship?"

As an avid reader of psychic material, I have read many articles regarding life and the way we should be living it. Someone will say it is this way, and another will say the opposite. Some articles will appear quite complicated and extremely hard to read, and others will have such simple messages, with equally worded context.

So, what about the newcomers, those of us who search through books and magazines, looking for that tiny piece of information that we can claim as part of our truth? Some of these people will be quite knowledgeable regarding the workings of the universe. Some won't have a clue, and this is their way of trying to find some semblance of sanity in this relative and very physical world.

We are all at slightly different levels of consciousness as we live out our earthly lives, and, as our ego drives us forward and onwards, we unknowingly venture further away from our true selves. It is at precisely a time like this when we rely on others to help show us the way and lead us on to a pathway of understanding. There are many willing "helpers" out there, just waiting to grab the nearest inquisitive mind that breaches their territory.

Unfortunately, these "do-gooders" ply these poor souls with what they think they should know and believe, rather than showing them a multitude of avenues with which they could choose to travel and find out for themselves. And so it is that when we come to explain and describe what mediumship is all about, our egos take over and, all of a sudden, we find that we judge first and then tailor our explanations and meanings proportionately.

I have read so many articles on mediumship, which are so diverse, exaggerated, complicated, and consequently downright dangerous, that I am not surprised that so many people become disillusioned and deflated on the subject. Of course, I am not forgetting those wonderful writers and authors of such works that instil such understanding and meaning to our lives. To them, I am extremely grateful.

This is my invitation to you to look down one of those many avenues - my avenue. No one person has a monopoly on the truth, so all I ask of you is to keep an open mind and digest my truths and feelings as they come through that greater part of myself - my intuition. Just discard what doesn't serve you.

The simplest element is truth. It is simple, simply because it just IS. Mediumship and all it entails is a part of the truth and so it, too, must be and remain simple. So why oh why do we complicate it? Today, mediumship (and I mean that in the broadest sense) should be the norm, rather than the exception. Why it isn't, is another matter and one, which I will deal with in another article some time.

In the meantime, let us look at trying to understand what mediumship is and, more importantly, what it means. The first obstacle we encounter, as we set out on our path of discovery, is a paradox - a catch 22 situation or vicious circle. When I first started out on my ventures to seek some of the truth, I realised that I needed a slight basic knowledge on such subjects as physics and mathematics.

As soon as I grasped this knowledge, understanding became easier. Now, before I scare you all off with such a statement, please let me assure you that I am really talking about simplicity. Just by looking up the words in the dictionary is a great start. All I am talking about here is a sequence of events that happen in a certain order and for a very good reason.

Let's call them natural laws - events that happen for reasons, which, at the moment, are not that important to fully understand. But, happen they do, and this must not be ignored. One of these natural laws I am talking about is Cause and Effect. The words themselves are self-explanatory. Something happens which is the cause, and, consequently has an effect on something else.

Call it a knock-on effect if you like, just to keep this simple. Comprehend this, and you have already taken on board the mass criteria of maths and physics. Well done --you see, I am not talking about rocket science.

Now it is time to look at this sequence of events I was mentioning earlier. The meaning of that phrase "sequence of events" is in the words. "Sequence" meaning from the beginning onwards and in an order of momentum, and "events" meaning happenings that have occurred as a consequence.

For the next paragraph or so I want to talk about the "beginning." I have my own motto on the subject, which goes: "If you don't know where you've come from, you'll never know where you're going." Perhaps that saying is a little dramatic and even romantic, but it concentrates our minds on the subject.

The only way I can describe the "beginning" with our limited language is to ask you to try and imagine everything that exists (all that IS). Of course, you don't have to try to literally imagine that because it is impossible. So, for the purpose of this exercise, let us assume that all that exists (all that IS) was once a unit - a unit of one.

This is where terminology either helps or cloaks the subject. Let's call it "singularity," "oneness," "wholeness," "source," "creation," "God" or "universal consciousness". The description is secondary to the reason, so wording and labelling is not important.

What we now have is a situation. Everything is at one with everything else and so it is absolute and magnificent. This "universal consciousness" is all knowing, simply because it is aware of itself which is oneness. However, because it is a unit of one, it has no idea how absolute or magnificent it is, because it cannot experience itself.

To be able to experience itself, this "singularity" must separate from its "wholeness" and fragment itself into components from which it can measure. This is what we call relativity in its simplest form and is one of the theories (including mine, of course) of the Big Bang.

Don't forget that I am slowly leading up to that point where mediumship can be explained more easily. My final description should help to give you a better picture on the subject, which, for some reason, is usually kept locked away.

We now have the situation where everything that exists ("oneness", "God" etc.) has available to it, the ability to separate itself by virtue of the infinite number of its integral components, which allow it to do so.

An "engine" is devised whereby energy on a vast scale can be unleashed. Of course, there is "nowhere" for this energy to go in the beginning, because nothing else exists, and so this energy is designed to "work" against itself, thus allowing creation to "create."

How, why, when or where is beyond my (and most other folk's) comprehension. This energy has been designed to vibrate at various frequencies, by virtue of the intelligence that unleashed it. The resonance thus created is so varied that its highest vibration is always that nearest to the source.

What have we gleaned so far from this very rough description of the creation of the universe? From that state of "oneness", we see that energy, vibrating on a decreasing scale, starting from "source", has been unleashed. This vibration (energy against energy) has the ability to "create" a level of consciousness, each differing frequency creating its own level (dimensions).

How we describe this consciousness is best to proportion it to the highest vibration, as it moves and slows down to its lowest frequencies. For example, the highest consciousness (vibration) would exist at "source" where our "wholeness", or "oneness" exists and the lowest is where we are as physical matter.

The lowest form of vibration is where physical matter manifests. This is the realm of relativity and is the perfect environment whereby every aspect of us can be measured (north against south, up against down, good against bad, left against right etc., etc.). It is simply the way that we are able to experience ourselves when separated from "singularity". You will notice that I use the word "we."

We play a very important part in this, because we are part of the "whole". As we live out our separate lives, we must realise that we are fragments of that "wholeness". Therefore a profound understanding must materialise within us that tells us we are also part of each other and of the rest of the whole universe.

I always remember visiting the Planetarium in Baker Street, London, as a teenager. I just sat back in those reclining chairs, gazing at the map of the Solar System and listening to the amazing voice of the narrator. Whatever my experience that day, is secondary to the way I felt when I listened to the way we were described regarding our physical make up. "We are all made of stardust," the claimant summed up.

How very true that simple statement is. When we break down the complex molecular structure of our bodies, we find that we are no different to any other animal, vegetable or mineral in the whole universe. Atoms don't change. They just ARE.

When the realisation descended upon me that day at the Planetarium, I knew there must be a common theme, which runs through the whole of physical existence. We are so interconnected with each other and every thing; it was obvious that we belong to the same source.

It is our purpose in life to work our way back to "source," and as we do, we experience each level of consciousness. When we reach our intended goal, we are no longer "we" or "us" because we have become "one" again.

We have again become at one with the creator, so that when I tell you that you are God, you must cast aside all your earthly doctrines to comprehend this. Please remember that you are still travelling down my avenue of reality. This is how I perceive nature and all the processes that embrace it.

For those of us who have never looked at life this way before, I can understand your total and utter disbelief. All I can say to you is that you exist and you always will exist. If anyone can prove to me that we do not exist after we have cast off our earthly bodies, I would love to hear from you (as would the ecclesiastic and scientific institutions).

What we now have are many, many levels of consciousness, each level becoming more finer and vibrating at much greater frequency as it reaches back to "source." The rate of our spiritual progression is determined by the level of consciousness at which we exist, although a part of us must exist at ALL levels to some extent. I must try and clarify this somehow:

Imagine when a stone is cast into calm waters. A displacement occurs, which causes the resulting energy to move outwards and away from the source of impact. We see this expanding energy in the form of ripples, slowly but gently dissipating until we can hardly make out the changes in the water's surface.

This energy continues to expand forever outwards, until it can go no further. At this point, something must happen, as momentum cannot stop. And so the process must reverse. On the return, each level of ripples must cross over its corresponding outward counterpart and work its way back to "source."

Now, what if each level of ripples had the ability to store information? This would mean that the returning ripples would not correlate with their outward journey. The information would be different because of the experience gained between outward and return journeys.

This information is dealt with on a relative principle, whereby it can measure one level against (compare to) the other. Because the ripples (or levels) are part of the water (the "whole"), they also retain the original information (as the "whole") before impact was made.

Therefore a part of that water (the "whole") is retained at each level (ripples) meaning existence at each level. It may mean having to read the above again to grasp its meaning.

That same principle applies to us. We are those ripples (consciousness) forever moving outwards and away from "source." On the outward journey, we bring with us that knowingness from "source" that is buried deep within our sub-consciousness. The very essence of our being always carries that knowledge.

Our task is to experience the integral components of "singularity" as we reach that outer limit and reverse our journey. As we cross each corresponding ripples, we have the ability to measure that new information we have experienced and measure against that which we know.

Those ripples (consciousness) are the manifesting components from the resulting fragmentation of the water ("singularity" or the "whole") and it is the environment which is created that gives us the ability to record and measure our experience.

It is this "created" environment that allows us to conduct all information and knowledge from one level to another (dimensions). This is mediumship in its entirety and is what we all possess at varying degrees of consciousness.

It is not enough just to be told that mediumship is a gift that some of us possess, and those that have this ability can then communicate with discarnate souls for the purpose of proving that life is everlasting. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The key lies deep at our intuitive source, which is what we refer to as our psychic ability. It goes much, much further and I think it is a shame that the full meaning of mediumship cannot be found easily.

From the beginning ("source") through to the here and now (physical) and in between, exists an environment that is designed simply for communication of one form or another. This is the inter-dimensional zone and is universal as is our whole being. It is not exclusive to anyone or any thing.

The whole purpose of this venture of being able to experience our minds as "individuals" is to experience all THAT IS. Without some type of communication, how can we ever hope to achieve this?

Mediumship is ability that we ALL possess, which can (by personal development or other possible means), enable us to discover the truth. It provides the gateway for our consciousness to move through those levels, not just to find "others" of like mind, but also to see our real selves as one with creation.

"Know Thyself"