I wish I had a pound for every time this question has been asked. In my opinion, this is one of the most important utterances ever made. It seems that life is administered in such an unfair way. Some of us cruise with no great ups and downs while others ride the roller coaster of life.

Why does this happen? Why is there such diversity between us in the way that we live (and "die")? Sorry folks, but I don't have all the answers. More importantly, neither does anyone else, although some would like us to think that they do. These are the people who are immersed in a belief of some kind that they think others should follow.

I am a firm believer in the fact that as long as we believe in something via honesty and integrity, there is some truth in it. The problem is putting all the "truths" together so that we can make some sense out of it all. This is why most of us make little headway in our search for some truth and reason in our lives. The trouble is that we give up too easily.

It is my intention to help you gather some of the truths you have experienced in the course of your lives - some of them long forgotten and some of them new, via curiosity, the seed of which I am about to plant. Let us start with the subject that most of us choose never to discuss - "death". I can just hear all the moans and groans.

What is death? I'm serious - what is death? It doesn't exist. I repeat - it doesn't exist. It never has and it never will. Oh I know at this stage, you all think I'm a lunatic. No problem - I understand. Seeing as we witness people "dying" every minute of every day, what else are we to think?

So let's look more closely at this "death" thing. I will use the scenario of someone losing a friend or relative. Suddenly there is no more animation, just an eerie stillness. The person we knew is "different" somehow. But how? What has really happened? To find this out, we must look to biophysics and science and break down our bodies to the smallest component, so that we can study it. Are you all still with me?

Please don't put this paper down yet. I apologise to those of you who have such faiths and beliefs that tell you what I have just said is sacrilege or blasphemous. I don't wish to offend anyone, but we must realise that we are all different with our opinions and sometimes science proves that the opposite can be the case. This is such a situation.

We've all heard how science spent many years trying to "split" the atom. Actually that was the uranium atom and I choose to use the word "shift" because the atom is indestructible. We cannot destroy the atom - it is impossible. The atom is the smallest component that constitutes our bodies.

From conception, our bodies are formulated by the addition of atoms. At the embryonic stage, atoms fed to us by our mother via her biological processes build us up. As we grow after birth, atoms help build our bodies from the sustenance provided by mother Earth. Nature provides everything that will yield the atomic growth of our bodies. The Earth has provided every atom that constitutes our bodies.

The whole of mother Earth, including us, is made up from nothing else but the atom. So how come everything looks different I hear you say? What a brilliant question and this is where matters get rather technical.

I hope everyone has kept pace with what I have just iterated. We are not talking about rocket science here - just the plain basics of the composition of things. Note that I didn't say "life". Something else has to happen before life comes into being and this is where I need your undivided attention, so please try to cast off those shackles of conditioning that you have had to endure all your lives and try and see the logic of what I am about to say.

At the risk of entering into an emotive wrangling over the "creation" of things, let's just assume that an intelligence of some sort has been responsible for putting things together including the creation of the atom. If we don't do this, our indoctrinated ideals will lead us to a dead end. I am aware of the Darwin theory whereby evolution is held responsible for where we are today. There are also the Creationists who believe that an almighty intelligence is responsible for everything.

Then we have the Interventionists who believe that extra terrestrial forces are responsible for the way things are. It doesn't end there, except for me to say that "something" must have put things into place for them to happen the way they have and why we see ourselves as we are today. For the purpose of this article and the fact that it is not important at this stage, suffice for me to say that life does have its beginnings and so be it.

I will leave the state of the atom for the time being and come back to it at a later stage when it is more relevant to do so. What I now need to discuss is our state of awareness. I'm talking about the real us - before the atom. It is important at this stage for us to agree (to a point) that our minds and our bodies are not the same, although the two can blend for the purpose of physical existence.

I need at some stage to bring in the elements, cells and molecules that constitute the "intelligent" make up of our bodies that make us what we are as human beings. This can only be done once we have ascertained how our "feeling" presence (our mind and spirit) can converge into this state of "life" as we know it. You will have noticed that nothing, so far, has "died" - nor will it.

It is important to look at ourselves and ask the question did we exist before this physical body? If so, how? Is the all-feeling, all-touching, tangible world of physicality all there is? And so we must come back to the world of science and biophysics to supply us with some of the answers.

When you look at the pictures exuding from your television or listen to the sound on your radio, do you ever question its origin? I would say not. Yet neither of these phenomena is of the physical world. They are simply bursts of energies or frequencies that have their own resonance (or level of vibrations). In other words - dimensions.

Energy is the source of all levels of dimensions. These dimensions are nothing less than a state of consciousness. I will try to explain this. When you are sat in your armchair watching the world go by and you're just daydreaming, your thoughts (which are real and living bursts of energy) are vibrating at a different level to that of your physical body. Therefore they exist in different dimensions, even though you are aware of both states. That's how clever and versatile you are, by the way, even though you're not consciously aware of it.

Now try to imagine that there are literally countless dimensions or levels of existence. If you can't, don't worry, because I am only trying to describe the infinite possibilities that exist. However, your consciousness (that part of you which you are aware) must exist, and has probably done so before your present physical state. Hard to grasp? Well, ask yourself - did you only begin to exist the day you were born or conceived? How can that be possible? More importantly, can you prove it? You can't - no more than I can disprove it, unfortunately.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you are dreaming? Obviously, you are experiencing something, but usually we dismiss such things as figments of our imagination. However, even our imaginations have to have their origins from somewhere. They have to be "something" because they cannot be "nothing". This all leads up to the fact that they have to have states of consciousness, or different levels of vibrations.

Please allow me to recap so far: Consciousness is a state of being and can exist at varying vibrations (or dimensions). You can physically experience some of these dimensions in the way of your thoughts, your dreams, your imagination, even your emotions. All these phenomena resonate at different levels of frequencies. The transmission of radio and TV, radar and sonar, ultra violet and infrared, your cell phones etc all have their own dimensions in which they can manifest.

No one will argue that these phenomena exist because we all witness and experience them in the hear-and-now physical state. So why be so surprised when I say that your thoughts also have their own frequency. We are all aware of these things and they are accepted as normal. It starts to appear strange when I describe the atomical structure of your body as being "indestructible". What is "destructible" is the molecular make up of our bodies, and this is the key to my statement that you cannot die.

It is not the point of this article to stress where and how you exist before you came into this present life. The point is to show you that you cannot die. There is no death - only change. The physical body is the host that will accommodate you whilst you experience Earthly life. And now we will come back to the atom and its make up.

Remember those cells and molecules I mentioned earlier? There are supposedly four elements responsible for the make up of physical matter. These are earth, air, fire and water. The molecule is the smallest part of an element and forms the building blocks for all life. The element cannot be broken down into a simpler form and is literally nothing more than a vibration of energy. This is the story of how our universe is made.

Once a cellular structure has been formed (from that "intelligent" source) the endless formulation of molecular "building blocks" moulds these cells into different things. This is how we are made into human beings and plants are made into plants. Everything has its own molecular, mathematical make up. The difference with plants and animals (especially humans) is that somewhere along the line, "life" is introduced, whereby this molecular make up can animate by its own volition.

As human beings we can go one step further by virtue of our awareness and free will. We are the only species that has this ability. I would imagine that most of you have heard about DNA. This is a code of life and each person has his or her own individual code (or DNA). This is a structured and disciplined blue print that dictates how our bodies grow by virtue of the molecular make up that has literally been "programmed" specifically for each individual.

I must very briefly mention the source of all things, not to analyse it, but to accept it for what it is, because without it, we would not exist. Perhaps in another article, we can discuss the spiritual aspects of our being and how this "programming" comes into effect and is responsible for our existence, of which physical life is just a very small part.

Now let me try to put everything together so that you can see what I am trying to explain with regards to life and how we cannot die. Firstly, we have the atom. Once the "programming" has started and nature takes its course via the "creative intelligence" (which is the source of all things), a molecular build up of cells takes place and forms the diversity of life. In our case, we become humans. Plants become plants etc., all diverse by their relevant species.

When I refer to "we", I am talking about the "real" us - without the physical body. We are privileged to have a physical body (atoms and all) so that we can experience the life of matter and all it entails. It is assumed that the reason for this is so that we can learn from the mistakes (and the positive things) in our lives for "future reference". That future reference can also be discussed at a later date.

And so we live out our lives, hopefully with as few "downs" as possible. As we grow, mother Earth supplies us with those atoms. However, these atoms are replaced quite regularly. In fact you are literally not the same person as you were a year or so ago. Our cells are replaced quite frequently, some quicker than others, depending on which organs are involved. The only draw back is that as our cells are eliminated and replaced, the process of supply slows down whilst the elimination process increases.

There comes a time when the molecular structure that holds our cells together can no longer sustain the pattern of "programming" that our DNA has mapped out for us. This means that our human form can no longer house us in this physical environment. As the molecular structure breaks down, each cell reverts back to its elemental state and the atoms that compose these cells return to mother Earth. Within that process of break-down, the real us (our consciousness) leaves this changing formula, no longer requiring the body that has housed us whilst experiencing the world of relativity and change.

Every single atom that has composed your body over the period of your life can be accounted for. During the course of your life, atoms (via the cellular structure) are replaced and returned to the Earth in proportionate amounts so as to sustain your "life".

At the latter stages, whereby more cells break down to the atom state, there comes a time when the body no longer functions as a biological unit. Cellular breakdown then becomes more rapid and each atom eventually returns to the Earth (ashes to ashes - dust to dust).

Only change has occurred here - nothing, absolutely nothing has died. Your consciousness moves on, as it did at the conception of your physical life. Consider this as progress, as it is only your lack of awareness that does not allow you to experience this in your physical conscious state.

Where we have come from and where we are going is food for thought and the subject for another article. In the meantime, look forward to what is waiting for you as you climb the ladder of progress, because it is all there and is a part of your destiny. Life is eternal.

All my thoughts are neatly encapsulated by Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovski the Russian Pioneer in rocket and space science when he said: "The Earth is the cradle of the mind, but you cannot stay in the cradle for ever."