The above heading is indeed a question and is in no way meant to be any kind of statement. It is something that I have pondered over for many years and, as yet, I have come up with no concrete answer. However, the following is my way of trying to unravel such a divine conundrum. There is no conscious (I choose this word carefully) human being that can say to you: "This is the way it is - there is no hierarchy in the Spirit Realms." This is a relevant concept and does not apply outside of time and space.However, I will say to you that there is no hierarchy in the Spirit Realms. Why do I say this? Simply because natural laws dictate that it is impossible for there to be so. If there were such a thing as hierarchy, it would mean that there must exist an opposite, such as a lower, subservient level, giving substance to a state of flux and disorder.Many, many people (for various reasons) do not subscribe to any religion. They do, however, admit to the presence of something that is all-powerful, all being. We cannot put our finger on it, but somehow know it to be so. Why? Well, I must come back to basic physics and take a look at the macrocosm (us being the microcosm).As individuals, we are but tiny separate components of the "whole" (all THAT IS). Our minds, and their resulting thoughts contribute to the "whole" via that greater part of us which is spirit.Our intuition is the conscious gateway that allows the feedback from those realms of knowingness and wisdom. There are many, many levels of existence (consciousness) and it is probable that we exist at these levels (by degree) simultaneously. This is the only hierarchy that I believe exists.There is a state of development, evolvement, and progress. The Spirit World has many realms, not just one. I will try and explain: Like it or not, we are moulded by history and what has gone before us. The Earth's consciousness has left us a legacy of all thoughts given by man. The large majority of this legacy is, unfortunately of a negative nature. This is man's created fear, and his need and desire to control.One of the reasons why we exist in the material world is to correct this imbalance in the process of experiencing all THAT IS. We are on the outer edge of an expanding universe (the chaotic and irrational state of separateness)We must now reverse this direction and, by looking to and within ourselves, try to remember who and what we are. In the process, we will find peace and calmness, which is our pathway back to creation, the source from whence we came.

In my previous articles I have discussed oneness, a state of magnificence, of knowing, of being at one with everything (all THAT IS). That is what you and I are a part of. In fact, we ARE that oneness.As a consequence, we must assume that we are, therefore, the Creator, as we cannot be separated from the "whole." It is hard to comprehend such a situation when we are spirit animating matter. Don't forget we are spirit first and human beings second - not the other way around.So what is this progress and evolvement I was talking about earlier? The best description I can give is a passage from the bible (believe it or not). Although now very distorted, the bible still holds the foundations of many truths and one of those truths came from a man called Jesus of Nazareth.Yes, he was a real man -- not a messiah, or the Son of God. He was a powerful medium, and a man of great wisdom and goodness. He had a large following and was by all intents and purposes a good bloke (my terminology to emphasise the normality of the man).We can liken the works and travels of Jesus with someone of our time like Ghandi or, even more recently Nelson Mandela (my hero). Jesus said: "In my Father's House there are many mansions" (not the exact wording, perhaps). What did he mean by this? Simply that there are many pathways and states of being that lead back to creation (many Spirit realms).As we experience, we progress (albeit slowly in our relative terms) and there comes a time (or a situation) when we must leave the environment that is familiar to us and evolve to another level. This is the true path that is open to each and every one of us. We cannot go backwards, so we have the comfort of knowing that we are all progressing in our own way.We leave our earthly existence when "time" is up for us -- when the physical composition of our bodies change and are no longer compatible with the vibrations that makes us what we are as people. Some folk like to call this death.We become pure again, existing as energy, no longer animating matter. It is more likely than not that we evolve to the next immediate level of higher vibration, i.e. the Spirit World. Here our mind and spirit are still together.All we have shed so far is the level of vibration that gives us our molecular composition. We literally are the same people as when we were on Earth with the same personalities, prejudices and characteristics.
Once we accustom ourselves to our new surroundings, we realise that everything is still tangible. The major difference is that as we are no longer physical material, our state of consciousness and awareness is manifested directly by thought and thought alone. In other words, we can create virtually anything we want by thought. So here we are in the Spirit World -- the first rung on the ladder of progress (unless you want to include your stay on the Earth plane, which will make it the second rung). Here we have the ether as the separating veil between both worlds. It is an excellent conductor of communication, hence our ability (as mediums) to make contact with our dearly departed on both sides.I regard this level of existence as the way station on route to the sublime. We can stay in this world for as long as it takes, and it probably will take an "eternity" which is just a blip in the order of things relating to life everlasting. In this world we take on the many tasks that we may have avoided on the Earth. Every conceivable opportunity is available to us. We may wish to pursue the arts via music, painting, architecture etc. We may wish to help our friends still on the Earth, particularly those just making their transition to the Spirit World. Our tasks are endless, but are infinitely attached to our rate of progress and evolvement. It is up to us as (still) individuals.Who knows what happens when we evolve yet again. This state of consciousness where our mind and spirit meld into one is a world that is truly a mystery. Suffice to say that it is our destiny - to be at one with all THAT IS. In my opinion, this is the meaning of hierarchy in the Spirit World.As we keep evolving, melding to one consciousness, until at last we reach that "source" and become oneness itself - all knowing and magnificent, we may (as one) decide to do it all over again.Heaven forbid.